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Menacing Protester Dares Police To Arrest Him

You have to see this. It’s the feel good video of the week.

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  1. Anger and even adrenaline will only take you as far as your body has trained. Just sayen, how bad are you now son? Seen it.

  2. Finaly !!! Leo’s need that ability to keep respect up, Fuck the Lawyers who go after these Leo’s and make our Children less safe !!!

  3. Whoops! It appears as though Shaqwan Braintrust Johnson has misjudged just how tough he really is and just where he stands in the whole scheme of things. I have no fear of an impending race war, class war, etc… whatever. I have seen the enemy and they are rife with ignorance.

  4. In my younger years I’ve wrestled young black men with the Zombie shit going on. I’m really not sure what the point is. Well that’s not true. They’re Peacocks. Strutting their shit in Full Bloom. That shit on the mat is won several months before in preparation. So you sow so shall you reap. No truer words when applied to combative athletics.

  5. So that’s what the dread locks are for …… to use as a handle.

    That was a pretty thorough face full of pepper spray too LOL.

  6. lmao … dragged down by his dreads …
    “dat’s right, honkey assed mofos … I be da baddestest mofo did side duh miss’ippi … wuddat? … dat shit be burnin’ … ow … oh, oh … ow …
    … don be hurtin’ me Mr. Ossifah! … I’s just a poo woiken’ main… ”

    same old, same old … once a jive ass, always a jive ass

  7. I have seen people walk up to cops like that and take one punch to go down.
    They are so ‘jazzed’ they don’t see the punch coming I guess.
    Pepper spray to the face and no reaction wow

  8. I keep watching that again and again! I like the part where his teeth turn yellow as the spray enters his big wide open mouf. Lol!

  9. St. Louis? Handling lawbreakers, as they should be handled.

    I hate to get my hopes up, but I think I’m seeing a trend to intolerance, of the thuggish, lawbreaking ‘protestors’. Anti-fa masks not tolerated. Arrests. And I’m fairly certain the real push-back stories aren’t published, by MSM, just like the triumphs of our great President Trump.

  10. @ Mighty Mojo; It’s the Baltimore riots. After he get a face full of taco sauce, in the lower left you can see the shoulder patch of an officer.

  11. Had to see it again this morning. Too funny – especially the seamless manner the dolt was taken down – just like a street ballet.

  12. I would describe it as: “Concerned citizen makes request of a group of local civil servants. The civil servants eagerly comply.”

    Heartwarming. Absolutely heartwarming.

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