Have you ever listened in on ten year-olds earnestly explaining something they know nothing about?

The View explains the state of NOKO and how we got to this point.

This is like 10 year-olds explaining how we got to the moon.

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  1. LMAO … when you explain ‘The View’ as an Art Linkletter interview w/ 10-year olds it begins to make sense ….
    twisted, irrational, juvenile … but in that context … sense

    …… naaaaaaaaaaaah …. apologies for insulting 10-year olds

  2. I work during the day out of the house. I assume you work at home and watch tv all day.
    My wife likes to talk about day time tv. Or as she calls it “liberal tv”
    She knows I don’t want to here about it.

  3. Whoopi said Obama had NOKO contained.
    Somehow Bush, who was before Obama, destabilized NOKO, and Obama cleaned up that mess.
    Then Trump insulted Un so now he’s, understandably, mad.

  4. Of course they are talking at
    the level of a 10 year old.DUH!
    Look at their audience…How would
    they ever understand otherwise ???

  5. I assume you work at home and watch tv all day.>>

    I don’t know if this was addressing me or not, but I guess I’ll answer.

    I don’t watch TV at all in the daytime, ever.
    At night I might put on a comedy or a crime show.

    I don’t watch any political TV, nor do I listen to talk radio,
    What I see I see on the internet in these idiotic snippets.

    Or, in Tucker’s case, brilliant snippets.

  6. Executive summary (even though I didn’t need to listen to give this summary):

    “It’s like listening in on ten year-olds earnestly explaining something they know nothing about”

  7. The other night I walked into the bedroom to get ready for bed and turned on the TV and I hear what I thought was THE VIEW, turns out it was the “Shrieking Eels” scene from the Princess Bride!

  8. I would LOVE to have all those women sitting around my kitchen island with a bundt cake, plates/napkins/forks, and ready to serve. After they ooohhh and awwwwwe and help themselves to my hospitality, I’d request they turn their phones off (no internet look ups) and I’d raise one political topic after another and debate them until begged me to stop. They’d leave frazzled, dazed, crying, embarrassed and defeated. They would change the whole format of The View; never again to bring up any topic more controversial than “butter or margarine?”

  9. I had heard “Obama lowered the sea levels”, but now “Obama ended all nuclear weapons.” So, looking at the world situation nowaday with all the flooding, nuclear Iran, nuclear NK, we can definitely conclude that Obama didn’t do a great job. You said it, Whoops and Joyless!

  10. AA, It takes a lot less effort just shooting them. They’re part of the Liberal Construct Media that just announced, “Hey, assassins, Donald Trump Jr. and Kelly Ann Conway no longer have Secret Service Protection”.
    WTF is that? And then moronic webb sites like the HILL repeat it. I see stupid people every where. Very dangerous.

  11. BB — Hey, we each have our own path to fun and satisfaction. lol Mine would be to crush them, crush their self-deluded sureness, make them second guess themselves the rest of their sorry lives. I’d want them to be too fearful to state anything in absolute terms — shaky, old women.

  12. They is right, when Obama was the President (Good times!), that basketball player was the NK ambassador and he kept things peacefully. Trump should know better and renew whatshisname credentials to restart negotiations and figure out what Kim,the son, wants.

    —See what you did, BFH? Two minutes watching that thing and I’m already lost!

  13. Notice how Whoopsie says Kim Jung…. Un. Taking the time to get the name correct with respect to a leader. But refers to DJT as “devastation” and “this mess” and “that horrible day in November.”

    She’s just as bad as any refugee muslim landing on our soil who refuses to assimilate. She’s essentially fresh off the boat and has no clue… after all the success America has provided her and she still kicks us in the teeth.

  14. Beer and rose colored glasses don’t do anything for the View hags. You need to put your head in a drill press.

  15. Watching these women gather reminds me of watching hens peck the ground randomly. Pick a little, talk a little, cheap cheap cheap, talk a lot, pick a little more…

  16. Is whoopsi (intentional spelling) on drugs? She’s having a lot of trouble keeping her train of thought on the tracks.

  17. When you go into Seoul, you see two very large building first thing. They have the name TRUMP above them. The land they sit on cost somewhere around $200,000 per square foot. I think Trump knows something about Korea. Also, his reference to “Rocket Man” is about the worst thing he can do to Kim (note, Kim is his surname). That is because it make the guy “lose face”. That is not much of a concept here as this show demonstrates as they show how stupid they are, but in Asia that is a big deal. The only worse thing Trump could do would be to shoot the guy in the head. Now the little fat man will have to watch his generals very close as they will perceive the loss of face and thus loss of power.


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