Yes, because we can all bathe in the ocean, sh*t in a bucket and live in a friend’s backyard

Environmentalists are always single, weirdo loners who expect everyone else to be single, weirdo loners.

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  1. HEY! Not all of us single weirdo loners are goddam tree-hugging wacko environmentalists. If I ever run into that ice-haired bitch that runs the EPA I’d pop her head like a big pimple.

  2. It’s obvious why he’s single.

    I wouldn’t date a guy who hasn’t showered in two years either.

  3. Oh, Lord. Save us from the ‘back to nature’ idiots.

    I had a wonderful pastor years ago that gave a great illustration for a point he was trying to make (sorry, can’t remember the point, but sure remembered the illustration).

    He made disparaging remarks about people who think ‘nature’ is kind and we should all get along instead of trying to overcome nature. He said, “Nature is trying to kill you. Tell you what, you think nature is so nice, go out in the backyard tonight and see just how long you can survive … naked.”

  4. Off the grid?! He has no freakin’ idea how much capital investment, labor and material costs, and the energy it takes to make the tools and then to build a bicycle, solar panels, computer, plastic containers for water, plates, and on and on. And the writer is too freakin’ stupid to call him on it?

    Are we surrounded by morons?

    Um, please don’t answer that.

  5. See where Dilbert has gone off the grid this week? It’ll be interesting to see how he recovers from the effects of that berry he ate.

  6. Eco Nutball won’t shower, and eats his own sh*t. Media a-gaga. He could have won a nobel is he would just shower in his urine. Then, he’d be on par with Obuttwipe.

  7. thanks for posting fur.

    this douche lives in ocean beach. entry level for a single family home is about 650,000. and for that you get a 1930’s shack, 2 bed/1 bath on a 5000 sf lot!

  8. I thought the same thing. There is no way he is off the grid. If he really wanted to be off the grid and testing the human experience, he should go out to the middle of nowhere, with just the clothes on his back.

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