You Can’t Have A Leftist Event Without Cringe-worthy Signage

Yesterday, in case you hadn’t noticed, was “Climate Strike.” Supposedly responsible adults letting kids skip school to raise awareness of our pending weather doom. Since street protesting was treated as a school activity, many put their creative urges to use to express their fears of a warmer world.
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24 Comments on You Can’t Have A Leftist Event Without Cringe-worthy Signage

  1. Is that supposed to be Saint Pie-Face? I like Ratsh*t Taqiyya’s sign. “Free Palestine”. See, they can’t even GIVE that sh*thole away.

  2. I’m thinking a lot of parents who have been asleep at the wheel over the last few years will see the video clips of unhinged children shrieking about Armageddon, not to mention the cult-like atmosphere, and will wake up from their indifferent stupor and finally ask, “What the hell are these schools doing to my kid?!”

    I always say the Left pushes too hard and too far. And this Climate Strike and the deification of an autistic teen is going way too far.

    And it is so going to backfire on them.

  3. FYI, A career in Climate Science requires NO formal certification.

    Which makes it perfect for this new generation of dumbed down Common Core mutton heads. 50 years from now these “children” will be in charge and everyone will be eating beans from a can.
    (If they are lucky)

  4. “and everyone will be eating beans from a can.”
    And it wont be green beans, it’ll be Mr. Greenbeans per the Swedish climate Imam.

  5. If the world will end in 10….9….8…. years, then why bother to free Palestine? (if you can even find it on a map)

  6. I’ve been complaining everywhere that Greta needs our love and support. It’s so sad that her parents beat her for using 3 squares of toilet paper. Then pimp her out to further their agenda to profit from fake science.

  7. LOVED that NBC sign, “confess your sins against Gaia here and now”. And who is NBC? The Father Confessor? The Pope himself? Heaven knows the Pope in the Vatican ain’t acting like the the leader of the Catholic church, Christ’s representative on Earth.

  8. “The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything …”

    Anthropogenic Globaloney Climate-ism is a particularly virulent form of nihilism – the mistaken belief in the omnipotence of man.

    No evidence; no doctrine; no debate; no words of wisdom; no miracles; no nothing – just a High-Priest babbling easily dispelled bullshit and a Collection-Plate.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I think I remember seeing that before. It’s almost October and Winter will be here before we know it again. I’m not looking forward to snow and extreme cold again especially over in Montana when I go over to Missoula on Sundays. Last winter I spent an extra 7 or 8 hrs. stuck and waiting to cross the mountains on I 90 at the bottom of Lookout Pass due to an avalanche at the top of the pass, it was a very long day and in a dead spot with no cell phone coverage. Hundreds of us both cars and semis just sat there and waited till they could finally clear the avalanche from the road in front of us. I didn’t get home till 3 AM the next morning. We could’ve sure used some global warming that day.


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