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You just know it’s gonna be good when youtube puts their warning on it

Video HERE.

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  1. I like the cut of this young man’s jib. Young master Hogg has a bright future in politics. Reminds me of a young me, only slightly darker complected.

  2. We could send a million complaints to youtube/google and say we are offended by Hillary calling us deplorable/ evil/ racist/ rednecks/ dumb/ coerced/ etc, and they would never put a disclaimer on her videos.

  3. I gotta tell you. I think that video is reality. They have bad plans for us. And they can’t implement them with an armed population. I wish I was smart enough to figure out exactly who “They” is.

  4. ya gotta wonder who, exactly would find this ‘inappropriate or offensive’?

    … after all, they’re the ones that cheer fall for this crap …. time after time after time

  5. “They” is everyone that isn’t “Us”. Those of “Us” need to organize and make sure “They” get there asses kicked so hard they ever try this shit again!

  6. @ Joe6pak,

    Your thinking is where I came up with this in an earlier posting:

    These stupid, pathetic excuses for the youth of America are taking advantage of the dead who went through HELL only to create another HELL many times worse, and for far greater a demographic than the one they claim to have suffered through.

    If America were to ever be successfully disarmed, the reality of living in a 5th world shithole (a.k.a. Hell on Earth) would become a reality.

    Once the actual shooting starts, the patriots who have had enough of the incremental threat of enslavement, will go after the MSM newser’s first, then the politicians, then the abortionists, then the betas, and then the morally and sexually confused.

    In the end, no person would DARE to suggest ‘common sense gun control’ for fear of losing their lives and being dubbed a traitor.

    It’s coming, and it’s only a matter of time. Sad. The only question is who will pull the first trigger in defense of the Constitution and for the posterity of our future.

    We’ve been lazy and complacent for too long. We, as a nation, are about to be judged.

    Complacency kills.

    This is my prediction of a potential future.

  7. Brad,

    Global communism is maybe the most practical name for it but it’s much broader, deeper and older than that.

    There is, without a doubt, an element at work here that goes beyond the merely political; one which is motivating the political but is not limited to it. It is something beyond all that.

    That motivator HAS to be spiritual. “Supernatural” if you prefer. I know that, right there, several people will tune out…but nothing else explains it. SOMETHING is acting as a magnet to draw disparate people together and as a glue to bind them together — something which appeals to the lowest, bases aspects of human nature. Something far beyond the bounds of the merely political, social or intellectual. I don’t see how any reasonable person can deny that because we’re watching it happen before our eyes.

    That’s as close as I’ll get to naming “They,” because I really don’t think I need to.

  8. JDHasty…I have been seeing the theory emerge that Hogg had something to do with it, as in actually being a shooter. I’m not on board with that, however, when reading your post the thought occurred to me: Maybe he does at least have full knowledge about what really happened and this would explain the video where he can barely speak a sentence as he works through the details and is seemingly being coached. He seems scared shitless in that video.

  9. What a great video. Adolf Hogg in full battle regalia. And his Dad was FBI, and his mother is a phucking idiot. He’s got a future in the new America. God protect us from all harm.

  10. grool

    I always have always considered the “power, money, control” angle as the motivator. Never really considered the “Spiritual, Religious” aspect. If you follow “Q’ at all he does a lot of finger pointing at the Rothchilds.
    Think I’ll go order another 1,000 rounds of Blackout now.

  11. 1930’s Germany is reappearing around the world. Not only here in America, where the German-American Bund is flowering with the likes of David Fagg, but much realer in France.

    France has the largest population of jews outside Israel. 500,000 of them. In the last ten years, ten percent of the jews have fled France because of the growing antisemitism. 40% of the violent crime in France is assault and bias attacks on jews just for being jews. Thats is an astounding truth the French homos dont want to talk about nor do the CNN Agents here. The festering slaughter is simmering again, and once more, like Hitler did, the muslime filth are being deployed to do the dirty work on the jews.

    The cowardly, pathetic, left wing jews in America used to moan and drool “never again… never again” and sure enough, like the cowardly scum did in the 30’s, they are denying it is happening again. This time around I will in the camp of those who will not lift a finger to help them and I will make sure not one of my family members will either.

  12. Brad, I’ll finish with this: no merely human power — no matter how powerful at a given moment in time — could possibly maintain a cohesive base of influence that spans several centuries the way various families and bloodlines are supposed to have done, shaping the course of human history however they choose, all by their own will and power. I don’t believe that for a second.

    I don’t doubt such families and bloodlines exist — what I’m saying is, they’re not pulling the strings for that long and that intricately. I do not believe it’s possible.

    If they exist in form close to how they’re said to exist, they’re puppets. Higher level puppets, sure, probably the most powerful puppets. But in the big scheme, puppets just the same.

    Who is pulling the strings? No human agency — that’s the point. The “purely human conspiracy” angle only raises more questions than it answers.

  13. I haven’t read everything yet but David Adolf Hogg is a liar. He was not at the school during the shooting.
    Phuck him and the assholes who put him on TV.

  14. The Ewetube WARNING NOTICE to this video is an admission by Ewetube that the bomb was dropped ON THE TARGET and the destruction was DEVASTATING TO Ewetube’s preferred audience, those fragile Leftists.
    Saul Alinsky was correct, ridicule is a weapon. Good release, Bombardier! Over and out.

  15. grool, it’s pretty amazing how you put your finger on exactly what I’ve been thinking. Man has rejected God on a global scale. We have been fortunate that our country withstood some of the more blatant evil, but that is no more. We have kicked him out of our country and but for the fierce prayer warriors in 2016, God may not have stepped in and thwarted Hillary.

    “They” will never give up. Either they (meaning the leaders) are living in their depraved mind that God has allowed them to fester in due to their turning their backs on God, or they know exactly what they are doing and who they are following. Those who delight in wickedness know what they are doing, but because they hate God so passionately, they will work to bring the rest of the world down to their hell. Goodness must not be allowed to flourish – anywhere.


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