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You Won’t Stop Smiling

Ok, I actually tried to help blow out the candle! Derp…

Try not to smile. I dare you.

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  1. After having 5 children, an aunt and uncle had a baby with Down’s. Uncle talked about receiving the best gift God ever gave. He said you cannot imagine how much joy their daughter brought them.

  2. I’ve always held a special place in my heart for Downs kids. Been around quite a few of them over the past three decades and they were all amazing.

    “Ok, I actually tried to help blow out the candle!”

    Because you are a kind soul Claudia.

  3. God looks kindly on the kids with Down’s syndrome.

    I saw a family waiting for a table just outside a restaurant a few years ago. There seemed to by about 5 kids, one of them with Down’s syndrome. The other members of the family gave the one with Down’s so much kind attention, making sure he was comfortable. You could say they doted on him. A loving family, and probably God believers.

  4. When I first saw the post, I thought, Dang it, Claudia…I’m just trying to get caught up after a VERY LONG day…but somethin’ told me to take the time to watch and I am SO GLAD I did. Such a GREAT post! THANK YOU and STILL SMILIN’!!!


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