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You’ll Never Guess What the Perp’s Mother Did

A cop was intentionally run over by one of Obama’s sons during a car stop. The officer has suffered life-altering injuries.

The mother is suing the cop for excessive force.Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.50.27 AM

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  1. What’s amazing is that NOT ONE person got their ass out to check on the officer’s condition.
    You’d think it was a stray dog that had been hit.

  2. If I was the officer I would counter-sue the thug’s mother, father, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins…heck I would try to sue the entire negro race. Maybe between all of them I might get a couple of hundred dollars…cause I sure don’t take that EBT crap.

  3. Hopefully some sane sensible person in the court system there will throw this out as a frivolous suit.

    Then let the cop sue the violent “teens” and their families. Try the suspects as adults. Keep them off the streets. Forever.

  4. I suspect the local Sharpton got a hold of her and told she just hit the jackpot and that the cops/city would settle out of court. The US needs Tort reform before almost anything else. Oh, the reason most young black thugs (or like Trayvon, a thug wannabe) will flee the scene of a routine stop is because they’re guilty of some felony, have an outstanding warrant, carrying drugs or from a thug’s natural reflex.

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