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Youngkin Campaign Sign is Very Smart, But Very Risky

This sign might be too smart for dumb people, and there are a lot of dumb people, and they seem to vote.

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  1. Slogans (as well as chants) should be as simple as possible to be understood and internalized by the masses of morons to whom those things appeal.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I don’t think it will make much difference, as the people who count the votes have more sway than the people who vote, especially in a close race. But the “Keep Virginia Blue” part probably should have been left off.

  3. It sure feels a lot like the CA recall script – act like the dems are really in trouble and then when McAuliffe ‘wins’ in a landslide they’ll act like they have a mandate. VA was likely stolen in 2020 and there hasn’t been any fix to the system anywhere to prevent it again.

  4. Doesn’t matter.

    I already picked your Governor.

    Spoiler: it’s a Democrat.

    Whatcoo gonna do?




    That’s what I thought.

  5. Are there really that many dumb-down, pearl-clutching, bead-strumming, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, White guilt-ridden, Birkenstock-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, Politically Correct, kumbaya-singing, Xanax-disabled, sheet grabbing, pillow biting, moisterizing-metro-sexually-confused, batshit crazy Progressives out there to appeal to with a sign like that?!?!?!

  6. TRF: Yes, sadly. In Northern Virginia there were enough to tilt this state blue. However, even there the lefties and the apolitical types don’t like their daughters abused in the restroom by troubled (or just plain devious) boys. This state is at a tipping point and may just come to its senses over this issue and revert to hard red.

    Then, if we could just keep the Yankee carpetbaggers from retiring on their government and Wall Street pensions in our small towns and gorgeous countryside and bringing their stupid politics with them, we could live happily ever after.

  7. Minds are already made up. MacAuliffe isn’t doing well. They had to send in 0bama. That said, if he wins, Youngkin better do a recount.

  8. MJA
    OCTOBER 26, 2021 AT 10:52 AM
    “That said, if he wins, Youngkin better do a recount.”


    He has NO STANDING.

    NONE of you do.


  9. Everybody needs to remember that a lot of the strategists and groups they bring on as advisors to understand the youth vote just recently graduated from the Tide Pod Eating school of critical thought.


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