‘Your Answer’s Not Making Any Sense’: Ted Cruz Grills CVS Exec About Shoplifting In San Francisco – IOTW Report

‘Your Answer’s Not Making Any Sense’: Ted Cruz Grills CVS Exec About Shoplifting In San Francisco

At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Ben Dugan, Retail Crime And Corporate Investigations at CVS Health, about whether decriminalizing shoplifting at a certain dollar amount has led to an increase in theft. WATCH

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  1. @Lowell, man, I’m totally in agreement with you. These blowhards spending three minutes to say thirty seconds of substance chafe my chaps.


    Also, LGBFJB!

  2. @Lowell — We are of like mind on valuing the written word over video. Of the vid clips posted here at iOTW I watch perhaps one out of 20. Maybe fewer; I don’t keep count.

    Compounding the essential preference, too many vids have such poor sound quality I have quite a lot of difficulty making out the words. My eyes are quite adequate, though.

    And some of them really piss me off because I really want to appreciate them but cannot. The best examples of those are Joe Don Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs.

  3. This guy is either an idiot or a liar, and in either case, why the hell is he still employed? He argues like a lawyer rather than a cop or an investigator, which is what his job title would suggest he is. I can’t stand people who use semantics to avoid answering questions directly.

  4. I like Ted Cruz. He is an outstanding speaker and debater.

    But I don’t know why the Senate getting involved in a local SF issue. Leave it alone Mr. Cruz and concern yourself with national problems. There is enough of those to keep you busy 24/7.

  5. go now, if you’re hoping to improve your knowledge before you go to bed you might try something another post. The witness is a slob, and Cruz is just another career politician.

  6. When CVS doesn’t even try to defend itself it deserves what it gets.
    I watched it yesterday

    This guy is Most likely trying to get some government money to keep their stores in SHITHOLES that get robbed open at the expense of tax payer dollars.

    a sort of, “I need some government help so that I can allow the continuous petty theft that the new SJW’s help a desperate community.

    I however prefer the Ayn Rand – “I am leaving it as I found it, Take Over. It’s yours. Character of Ellis Wyatt

    Close the stores!

  7. From what I heard, I think he was saying that the problem in San Francisco was organized retail crime — something over and above shoplifting. I just wish he could have been a bit more succinct.

    If there is a concerted effort to go into stores and specifically take less than $950 worth of merchandise, that would suggested an organized criminal conspiracy as opposed to a spur-of-the-moment decision to steal something.

  8. Lowell: I have discovered the fast playback button on YT. For talking videos such as this, I play it back at 1.5x.

    Music, or a video where time is important, I will watch at real speed. I have noticed a number of produced videos that sure could use some editing. Rebel Media is really bad in that regard.

    I don’t listened to anyone’s hour long gab feasts.

  9. RadioMattM

    $950 Before or After Tax?

    He was saying exactly what you thought. At what point is it “organized”? 5 people rushing in and out with a Hockey bag to fill, or the same 5 people that come in separately within a 2 hr span and pocket a few bottles of high end perfumes & all meet up back at the house for a few joints after they drop off at the fences place.


    CVS is just trying to put the Organized Crime face on what clearly (Video) is Hoodrat group Theft.

  10. Kcir: I think that is what he meant. Maybe he was just to frightened to come out and say it was an organized criminal conspiracy. Perhaps he knew that CVS stores would burn in other cities if he came out and said it.

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