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Oscar Rodriguez delivers his flag-folding ceremonial soliloquy.


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  1. My scout troop does a nice flag ceremony at each Court of Honor (3x a year awards ceremony), including what the Stars and Stripes represent and recognizing that our nation was formed with the help of God. This despite an agnostic scoutmaster who nevertheless does a decent job of promoting good values.
    At summer camp each year our troop does one of the camp flag ceremonies, with a lot of pomp and with respect for the flag. The clip below is from a couple of years ago. Several people told us later that they had tears in their eyes. I am proud to be a part of this troop.

  2. was it the word “God” or the word “freedom” that made the tyrants angry?

    Oscar used both quite frequently.

    We all know both words are antithetical to most politicians especially the one residing in the white house.

    it appears both require each other, you can’t have true freedom without God granting it, true freedom cannot come from the state and now you can’t believe in God if you don’t retain and defend your God given freedom from the state depredations.

  3. @ Left Coast Dan

    I loved the Rodriguez video, but your troop’s link totally made me tear up with pride and respect. Thanks.

  4. Wow, how enraged will God be when those authorities show up at the Gates of Heaven expecting entrance! If you don’t acknowledge Him on earth then He will not acknowledge you in Heaven. Eternity is a long time. Those libs better tend to their souls.
    Whew. I’ve been wanting to say that for a long time.

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