Youth Club Coordinator Wishes Pain, Misery, Sickness and Fear Upon Kids For Not Being Vaxxed – IOTW Report

Youth Club Coordinator Wishes Pain, Misery, Sickness and Fear Upon Kids For Not Being Vaxxed

These people, in their minds, think they are good people. They are sick in the head. They don’t understand science but feel comfortable enough to make statements like the one below.

Hey crazy lady, no one will EVER be FULLY VACCINATED against covid with the product that is available.

What you are taking is for you, and you alone. The jabbed have no impact on another person, and neither does the unjabbed.

If you cared about another person you would not wish misery on them when you have no dog in the race.

Rantz – A Skagit County Boys and Girls Club program coordinator wished COVID on kids so that their parents would take the vaccination more seriously.

Fern Laurel Sisana was placed on administrative leave after the youth nonprofit became aware of the “concerning social media post.” On Facebook, Sisana said: “If you are anti-vaccination, I hope your child gets sick.” She even wished the children would end up in a hospital to undergo “endless tests” while the parent feels “absolutely helpless.”

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  1. More children will die from illegal alien drunk drivers in a year, than from covid. So SHUT THE HELL UP, sociology major!

  2. Hey Fern Laurel Sisana!

    Thanks for inviting me over! You’ll have LOTS to share about my visit, just like everyone ELSE that welcomes me I’m sure, so I can’t WAIT to come over and meet your family!

  3. If there is anything to be grateful for regarding this Covid scamdemic it would be that others are finally starting to get it. For decades I have been suggesting to others, anyone who would listen with an open mind, that “progressives” are wicked, evil, nasty and frequently not guided by what western civilization has accepted as conscience whatsoever. I have been counseling them that it is a trap and never warranted to concede good intentions to them, their intentions are never consistent with what their rhetoric and the media sells them as.

    The world seems finally willing to at least consider my conclusions as plausible, if not more likely than not consistent with their experiences.

    I have closely observed them in their natural habitat, Seattle and Portland, my entire life and have deconstructed and critically examined their rhetoric, periodical literature that they produce for internal consumption and their behavior vs their rhetoric and have tested my theories derived conclusions extensively and they stand up.

    By a wide margin their pathological behavior can be traced straight back to envy and the resentment that stems from it having been manipulated and harnessed to mold them into self-identified “masterminds.”

    What they have accomplished with their lives is to surrender their birth right that comes from being born in the image of God and descend to the the status of subhuman pieces of shit hell bent on service to Satan.

  4. And yes hell bent is exactly what they are: Hell-bent definition is – stubbornly and often recklessly determined or intent. If you say that someone is hell-bent on doing something, you are emphasizing that they are determined to do it, even if this causes problems or difficulties for other people.

    Hell all but defines them.

  5. Hell bent all but defines them.

    Damn the lack of edit posts feature

    The only reason people are finally waking up to what I describe above is that the bastards are finally able to achieve their wet dream on a global scale and so many people are PERSONALLY experiencing what they have allowed them to foist on restricted groups of innocents, but didn’t affect them personally.

    Way too many people have to experience tyranny first hand to have commensurate appreciation for what these tyrants are capable of and the ramifications of allowing it to propagate unchecked.

  6. The difference between vaxholes and antivaxxers is that vaxholes wish harm upon the unvaccinated and are gleeful when people get sick, while the antivaxxers are saddened and outraged when they hear of people being harmed and dying from the vaccine. It brings me no joy to have my opinion on the vax validated by someone dying of myocarditis. It’s a tragedy.

  7. “And careless people should absolutely not be having children.”

    Bet she approves of abortion. Has maybe even had one. Careless people have abortions, not children.


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