Youth Sports Officials, Referees Dropping Out Due to Parents’ Belligerent Behavior


Youth sports officials and referees are quitting their jobs at record rates because of parents’ poor behavior during games, reports said.

The National Federation of State High School Associations said 80 percent of officials quit before they reached the third-year mark on the job.

A Fox News report stated, “One driving force behind the trend is increasingly abusive and belligerent behavior by parents, including verbal abuse, threats and even fights.”

In June, Breitbart News reported that a brawl broke out between parents at a youth baseball game in Lakewood, Colorado, after a teenage umpire made some “questionable calls.” read more

12 Comments on Youth Sports Officials, Referees Dropping Out Due to Parents’ Belligerent Behavior

  1. Three referees are discussing their officiating techniques.

    First referee: “I calls ’em like I sees ’em.”

    Second referee: “I calls ’em like they are.”

    Third referee: “They ain’t nuthin’ till I calls ’em!”

  2. Hockey moms in Canada get rowdy all the time sceaming yelling fighting lots of fun. Lacrosse is fun too . The whole stands in the arena broke out in a wild brawl at one Lacrosse game. We stopped playing and watched the mayhem over the boards the police stood back and let it go down they wanted fcuk all to do with the drunken crazies. Love my home town.

  3. I’m SOOO old, I can remember organizing sandlot games, and refereeing ourselves.

    Parents enjoyed us being OUT of the house, and we enjoyed their NOT meddling in OUR fun!

  4. Parents no longer want to be parents – they want to be “pals” with their little snowflakes. Re-living their triumphs and defeats through their brats.

    They don’t seem to see sports as a method of inculcating teamwork and following the rules of conduct, but more as a stage on which to show their asses.

    Just an observation from outside – not to be misinterpreted as me presuming to know anything about the motives and “feelings” of others.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. @Bob M.: Guess that makes me old, too. Organized kids’ sports is kinda like Socialism in government. A little bit might be OK, but you have to keep it down lest it get out of control.

    IMHO, anyway.


    I did some refereeing for the YMCA about 20 years ago, and I gotta tell ya, it should be standard procedure for refs to be armed and just shoot parents dead on the sidelines, when it becomes necessary.

    They are just the most god-awful bunch of classless scumbags you’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
    ⏺ Do they care that it’s a meaningless game?–No.
    ⏺ Do they care if some slightly disabled or talentless kid never gets to touch the ball as long as the most talented kid scores all the points and wins? –No.
    ⏺ Do they care they are setting a bad example right in front of all the kids? –No.
    ⏺ Do they mind swearing in front of the kids over a stupid non-call or ball placement?–No.

    In any random sports event, AT LEAST 5 parents need a shock-collar, and 1 for sure just needs to be shot on site.

    I quit that job and straight up told them the 6th grade coaches think they are Vince – Friggin’ – Lombardi, and the parents throw any sense of morals into the garbage can the minute the first whistle blows.

    🖕🖕🖕SCREW YOU PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🖕🖕🖕

  7. I flaged at a mini moto race. (yamaha pw 50s small track three very small hills/bumps)One poor little boy kept falling and dad would dart across the track lift the kid onto the bike give him the old shuvaroo down the boy would go in about ten feet. the kid was in tears dad running all over the place. We Stop the race get junior to safety.Dad is furious barking at everyone. Ruined it for the little boy and most everyone else. The boy probably never rode again.

  8. Used to call coaches to middle of the field before games. Had a little chit chat about their conduct as they set the pace for parents. If a parent got out of control the coach was carded. Red carded one coach, called the cops on another. The word spread REAL fast.


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