‘ Mollie Hemingway is my hero ‘

Patriot Retort: Imagine working for a news corporation like the New York Times and you decide to write a book in order to cash in on the anti-Kavanaugh ResistanceLOL.  You have this enormous corporation behind you.  News media outfits and other Leftist organizations are eager to help you push the snot out of your book.  And the Times itself happily gives you space to publish excerpts a few days before the book’s release to help promote sales.  Then along comes Mollie Hemingway who gets ahold of an advance copy and blows up your entire plan.

It’s not an understatement to say when it comes to holding the flagrantly biased and irresponsible press to account, Mollie Hemingway is a superhero.

She’s friggin’ Wonder Woman.

Within 24 hours, Mollie had those two hack writers playing defense — scrambling to make excuses for their shoddy work and tossing everybody under the bus in order to absolve themselves of fault. read more

10 Comments on ‘ Mollie Hemingway is my hero ‘

  1. Mollie has that attractive crooked smile and she’s brilliant. She’s the complete package.
    Best of all she’s on our wavelength.

  2. I’ve been singing her praises for several years.

    She should be the host of Meet The Press because she is fearless and an actual journalist.

    Make Meet The Press Relevant Again.

  3. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd those two New York Times “reporters” are still gainfully employed! Just like college perfessers that cost colleges tens of millions of dollars in law suits for their unlawful abuse of Conservatives, they get to keep their jobs so long as they push a radical Leftist agenda.
    That should tell anyone with half a brain what business they’re really in!

  4. You know if those two liberal “journalist” hacks had bothered to read Mollie and Cary’s book beforehand they probably would have given up on publishing their own propaganda piece. But “open minded” progressives never educate themselves by considering opposing viewpoints or even (gasp) facts. Mollie read the advance copy of their book. It seems obvious they never even scanned mollie’s. Ha! Justice is served.


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