YouTube Is Banning Some Firearms Videos

DC: Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates are speaking out against a YouTube decision to ban some firearms videos.

The video sharing site will no longer allow people to post videos designed to “sell firearms or certain firearms accessories.”

YouTube will no longer allow videos promoting the sale of certain gun accessories, or the installation of these accessories, according to Bloomberg. These items include bump stocks, gating triggers, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits or anything that might allow “a firearm to simulate automatic fire or convert a firearm to automatic fire.” YouTube is also banishing any video that promotes the sale of large magazines.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation called the YouTube policy “troubling.”

“We suspect it will be interpreted to block much more content than the stated goal of firearms and certain accessory sales,” NSSF wrote. MORE

17 Comments on YouTube Is Banning Some Firearms Videos

  1. Any word on jihad videos? Stoning? Head chopping?
    Bomb-making? Amphetamine cooking?

    Oh speaking of cooking, they still have Cooking Naked videos.

    YouTube search engine crashes 3…2..1…

  2. This is good–With Fakebook and Youtube ramping up their censorship they’re creating market space for some enterprising Libertarian to launch an uncensored alternative social media/video service.

  3. Brad: Look for the video where the dad of one of the suspended kid speaks up at the school board meeting.

  4. For future Youtube videos, start with a disclaimer: “This video is not intended to advertise or sell any gun or gun-related product.” Problem solved.

  5. F ’em! Better yet, let someone else – like the market – f ’em! I wouldn’t go near these pukes in a hazmat suit…

    These assholes probably will push still more people to join the NRA! Let’s hope!!

  6. Sorry ammosexuals, but YouTube and america will not pander to your sick desires anymore. Children’s lives come first.

  7. Larry
    If the left were actually concerned with children’s lives, they would end the state paid butchery of nearly 700,000 children a year.

  8. Why are we not allowed to buy fully automatic weapons? Has anyone ever given a good answer for that?


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