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Zelenskyy Suggests Americans Who Oppose Ukrainian Funding Are Russian Assets

(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a scathing rebuke of Americans who voice opinions opposing his own, claiming they are doing Russia’s bidding in its ongoing war. 

In a candid interview with German media company Axel Springer, Zelenskyy asserted, without evidence, that Russia has successfully molded “the information field of the world,” before criticizing Americans who dare to raise positions detrimental to Ukraine. 

“They pump their narratives through the media,” Zelenskyy vaguely suggested, according to Politico, a media company owned by Axel Springer.

He further stated, “These are not Russian citizens or natives of Russia, no. They are representatives of certain media groups, citizens of the United States. They are the ones in the media with the appropriate messages, sometimes very pro-Russian.”  more

19 Comments on Zelenskyy Suggests Americans Who Oppose Ukrainian Funding Are Russian Assets

  1. He’s right. I do support Russia.

    Putin did warn NATO what he would do if they encroached on Russia’s border by teaming up with the border countries.

    But since Biden et. al. wants war with Russia, the Democrat lackies (CIA, FBI, etc) pushed their agenda in those countries.

    We not only need to kick the UN out of the US, we need to do the same with NATO.

  2. Let’s do an HONEST and FAIR poll of ALL Americans. I would bet that 65% oppose this moneylaundering waste of US tax dollars. And if choices were given for why they oppose having the government STEAL our money to send to them, I suspect that moneylaundering, CIA bioweapons labs, genocide against the ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, the CIA/Biden/Obama-backed coup of 2014, the NAZI government, and the tens of millions Zelensky himself has skimmed off the top, would be among the highest ranked reasons. Because I LOVE RUSSIA would likely not even make the top 20.

  3. Zelenskyy has profited tremendously off his war. Besides the great wealth he has accumulated he has bought new tits for his wife and a multi-million dollar mansion in England to escape to once he figures out there is no more money to get from the US.

  4. I’ll pick my own battles if you don’t mind. I don’t see you doing anything here fighting mine other than asking for more for yours. Why aren’t you out on point showing me what else you’ve got other than flying around for begs?

  5. Why yes, yes I am.
    Being of Russian ancestry.
    So? Wha’cha gonna do about it?

  6. Claudia, I propose EATO (East Atlantic Treaty Organization). Let those unelected, authoritarian EU jackasses deal with Russia. We’ve been marinated if “Russia the Boogeyman” nonsense for decades. Tired of it.

    And to hell with that goddam Atlantic Council bullshit. Nothing but a nest of Globalist credentialed dilettantes drawing unearned salaries and attending cocktail parties. They contribute nothing but deep state backstabbery.

  7. I used to consider Ukraine a good, but not good for much country. Lately not so much.

    The Ukraine Army should have had this shyster’s head on a pike by now. But apparently there are too many NAZI primates over there. Zelensky’s been Shitpants’ sextoy to sodomize a willing Olde Europe into compost (good riddance). The peoples of every nation except Hungary should be in arms (of course, we should have been long ago too).

    So far Putin has run the table in Ethics, respect for history, intelligence and military strategy and readiness.

    The collective West has proven its exceeding arrogance, unsatiable greed, disrespect for ALL peoples/cultural history, and gross ineptitude. It is clear to all but the braindead that ANY human is expendable to them, whether they serve as war casualties, objects for their perverted lust, or merely faces to lie to so that the champagne keeps flowing…..

    have I left any out any other odious characterizations?

    Oh yeah, after the Nordstream Pipeline WAR CRIME, more than ever I would rip Horseface’s trachea out to slap him in the face with it.

  8. Zelgrifty has a lot of nerve biting the hand that feeds him. The grifter well’s gonna be bone dry when President Trump gets back in the White House. Putin will be more than willing to partner up with President Trump to put a leash on that Ukranian Nazi weasel.


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