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Idiocracy- Scrabble Dumbs Down the Game For Gen Z (The Supposed “Most Educated” Generation)

You do know what they mean by the “most educated” generation, correct?

Gen Z takes it as a compliment, believing it means the most intelligent generation. It actually refers to the number of people in the education system. It says nothing about the intelligence of the people.

Proof of stupidity is when a time-tested game has to reboot because a certain demographic finds the game too demanding.


Brett Smitheram, a previous World Scrabble Champion, said the new version of the game “speaks to a trend in younger people who want to avoid competitive games and sense of losing, instead favoring teamwork and collaboration working towards a fun goal together.”

In the simpler version, cards will provide help, including prompts and clues, that can be selected to match the player’s chosen challenge level. To win, the player must complete the 20 challenges and loses if they have used all the helper cards and cannot complete a goal.



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  1. Another example of the law of unintended consequence run amuck. Don’t you have to know to spell in order to play Scrabble? Or is that something Gen. Z kids never learned. Maybe if they had a Scrabble game with emojis and short text message these blithering idiots might be good at it. And leave the rest of us who call spell and read and know what words mean the hell alone. Can these idiots even solve a basic crossword puzzle?

  2. They give kindergarteners and “young 5’s” whatever that class is because I started K at age 4, they give them tablets or chrome books to keep them quiet. There’s typically no letter guides for how to draw the letters and no calendars and no analog clocks! But there is breakfast

  3. breakfast such as it is like go-gurt suckable yogurt in tubes
    frosted flakes in disposable bowls they pull the paper tops off

    and now EVERYONE gets free breakfast and lunch in some (or all? will have to check on that) Michigan schools but I know some don’t want it

  4. Will it allow the tards to drop t’s so they can spell “GETTING” if all they have on the rack is G-E-I-N-G?

    And also…


    “SUT? That’s not a word.”

    “Yes it is: “She sut in the chair.”

    “oh…okay, then.”

  5. Someone should make a cursive version so young idiots can’t play.
    They’ll think it’s a secret code game.

    Soon they’ll be watering crops with Gatorade and cutting holes in the walls to accomodate longer tables.

  6. The kids aren’t at fault in this wrecking of… everything. We adults who started out going along to get along and finally have been buffaloed into a run… do you dare laugh openly at that six foot tranny cashier with the beard, the lipstick and a name badge ‘Hazel’? No, no you just look away and take your change and leave. Likewise the oh so caring skool with the brekkies, lunchies and din dins for all the littles whose parents would rather spend their welfare on crack, malt liquor and tattoos than food for junior… but he knows where the heater lays and might even bring it to skoo an pop a cap in teach’s ass just for kicks.

    You get what you will tolerate. In every case the lowest common denominator is the dominant force. There are more of ‘them’ than there are of ‘us’ and we made it so with our ‘tolerance’.

  7. yeah Walter half of our unincorporated villages are going to pot
    literally a terrible drug and trash problem
    places where we used to shop at mom and pop stores for milk
    death penalty for hard dealers sounds GREAT!

  8. My grandson in third grade brought home a paper on “ish” it said everything is ish now. Slowish, brownish, blackish, whiteish or would it be whitish. I think it’s dumbish


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