Zinke on CA fires: ‘environmental radicals have prevented us from managing the forests for years … this is on them.’


[…] The president is absolutely engaged,” said Zinke. He pointed also to the Sheriff and firefighters who fought the fire while their own homes were in jeopardy.

“Forests need active management,” he went on speaking of beetle kills and drought. “The amount of fuel in the forest is at historic highs.”

“The president is absolutely right. This is as much about mismanagement over time,” said Zinke who pointed to not only the previous administration but that the problem had been “going on for years.” He suggested going “back to prescribed burns late in the season,” removed dead and dying timber, and sustainable harvest. He pointed to Finland and Germany as examples.  MORE

14 Comments on Zinke on CA fires: ‘environmental radicals have prevented us from managing the forests for years … this is on them.’

  1. As the POTUS said:

    RAKE the g-dam freaking ‘property’ so it will not catch fire! This should be the basic forest management policy, but has not been up until now.

    Who does not understand that forest KINDLING, in a missed managed admin, can kill?? This does not start the fire but is a MAJOR factor in how it spreads.

    This started by environMENTALISTs in the 70’s fully protecting wildlife to the point you could not get to the kindling.

    Who does not LOVE wildlife, I like owls, BUT we have to manage in a conservationist way.

  2. Management is the key to success with forestry, AND LIVING WITH FORESTRY.

    Especially when you live among soft, resinous timber. I fcuking hate hardwood leaves, but I’ll take them any day over pine needles.

  3. All the welfare leeches can work the
    forest for their pay check. Win-Win.
    I know,it will never happen but it is just
    that simple.

  4. ghost of col j glover, You can’t just rake the shit up. There’s no rhyme or reason to the dead fall and overgrowth, burning is the only answer and nature is catching up! In the north woods of WI, the forests look as if they were planted by farmers. Row after row of trees.

  5. You had better do both, remove fuel and firewise your home, when 60 m.p.h. 20% humidity winds regularly blow your environs’ dry fuel into a jiffy pop flambe. Tired TIRED TIRED of paying for you America-hatin commies’ insurance losses in my premiums.

  6. I agree that you need to reduce risk by getting rid of kindling – that’s basic. But, I have a question for those of you who’ve seen images from the devastation in Paradise, CA…

    Does this look normal to you? Almost every single house burned right down to the ground, without any noticeable rubble. And lots of trees nearby completely unaffected. I don’t have answers, but I definitely have questions. Hope our IOTW friends in CA stay safe.

  7. Well are they finally waking up to the fact that environmental groups have hamstrung the forest service from proper forest man agent. Check out what they did to the Apache/ Sitgraves national forest in the White mountains of Arizona. Two giant fires each 500,000 acers each. Total destruction of the habitat the environmental nuts claimed needed protection for the Mexican spotted owl. Mother nature came and cleaned all of the dead and down, the dog hairs, the ladder fuel, the overcrowding, total, cleansing and clearing, but with a horrendous cost.

  8. Blood is on the hands of every single environmentalist. Liberal policies are always bad for society in the long run. How long did this take, since the 80s? A mere 30 years? And look at the cost to society, not to mention the lost lives. This is horrendous. Liberals should never be at the levers and switches of government.

  9. I put the blame on political wind blown politicians who only seek reelections and political judges who massage laws to help certain selective groups they favor. The souls of the dead can thank those thinly thinking groups who really have no idea or conscience about what deaths they’ve directly committed with their ignorant banter.


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