White House issues 4 Rules For Reporters At Future Press Conferences

Newsmax: The White House Monday rolled out a set of rules for reporters at future news conferences, following its decision to restore White House access to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

Acosta’s “hard pass” giving him expedited access to White House grounds had been yanked, then temporarily given back by a judge, after a testy news conference Nov. 7 with President Donald Trump.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced in a statement the administration notified Acosta his pass was restored, but also that he and other reporters would need to abide by four rules.  SEE MORE

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  1. Rule #5….”at 3-6months old the puppy shall be expected to have some accidents. At 6 months old the puppy will spend a bunch more time outside”….

  2. That’s way to many rules for them to follow. Should have been two rules.
    #1 Don’t be a Dick.

    #2 I’ll decide when you’re a Dick

    Thank You for your cooperation


  3. Agree, never call on Acosta. If PDJT decides to for shits and giggles, you know that Acosta cannot stop himself from blurting out multiple questions and then he can be removed forever from the WH.

  4. RULES? The demoncrats spit on rules, decorum, decency, tradition, justice, morality, laws, and manners!

    They are the wrecking crew of communism. Their job is to wreak havoc and they grow bolder.

    Look at the swamp, Clintons, obamination, holder, lynch, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, the debacle they have made of the election process, and education. All planned and all horrifyingly successful.

    DJT hasn’t moved swiftly enough to flush the cesspool; hasn’t fulfilled the one promise America is still awaiting, “Lock her up”! Why hasn’t he called for special counsel to audit or investigate Hillary, and the damn DOJ and FBI and etc?

  5. “If you choose NOT to abide by said rules you’ll be beaten with a pool cue before your pass is revoked”

    – DJ Trump

  6. *SIGH* No one has a “right” to be a White House Press Correspondent.
    Mr. Acosta’s rudenesses and incivilities should have been enough to have him shunned by all society – not just the President’s society.

    That such a hateful, aggressive, no-self-control individual is allowed near the President must be a constant concern for the SS.

    Be a shame if he made some quick hand-movement … real shame … if he pulled that shit with HRC he’da found himself in the trunk of a car headed for Ft. Marcy Park.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. who cares

    stop these press briefings

    nobody watches

    just send a memo

    the fake news will not tell the truth anyway

  8. The latest is he will get his pass back. I emailed the WH and told them I was disgusted they caved and he should be banned permanently.


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