Western Michigan University students: “we speak for the trees”

Campus Reform: Western Michigan University students marched in protest against the removal of trees on their campus.

More than 60 WMU students gathered to protest the university’s removal of 58 trees in order to put a new residence hall and student center in their place, as reported by MLive. According to a poster for the event, the “Save the Trees Student Initiative” was hosted by the Students for a Sustainable Earth and the Western Michigan Biology Club.

Many students held signs, which included slogans like “cut a tree, cut a life,” “teach peace,” and “we speak for the trees,” while chanting “save a tree, save a life,” as shown in a video posted on Mlive’s YouTube channel.

“Join us for a march to denounce the plans to cut down 50+ trees near the Ernest Burnham Building on WMU’s campus,” the event’s Facebook page read.

“Come out and tell WMU that we, students, do care about our green spaces on campus!”  more here

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  1. I’m just sayen right now, don’t blame this on Cali. All our weirdos have already gotten splinters in their dicks.

  2. Karnack Says: “A loon, a goon, and future jobless social parasites.”

    Carson opens the envelope: “The leader, his or her sidekick, and 58 Western Michigan University drama students.”

  3. They do not know there own history,or where big trees grow.
    The fires that burned in the great lakes region were some of the worst in our country.
    I would bet not one of the trees are native.
    I hike on trails that have trees that are 40 feet around chest high,go to Bad Brads state and they are 70 feet around.
    Put them on a crew that replants the forests.

  4. No one else wants to overcharge a bid for these new dorms to be all eco friendly while saving the trees and junk? We’ll hire an Injun architect. Gotta’ be one of those somewhere in America. If not, we’ll just shave a Mesikin’, and get him a smaller belt buckle…

    Next we charge for union labor but hire non union workers and pocket the difference.

    Oh yeah, huge “eco-tax” on all building materials. I want a new wine cellar.

    Wrap it up with “certification” of green-ness from a dummy organization that charges 10 grand and we’ll be sunning ourselves in Aruba in no time.

  5. Who wants to tell these twinkling idiots that they share a campus with one of the few departments in the US that teaches Paper Engineering and Paper Technology? Where they learn to make paper from…. well… erm…. awkward.

    Hubby and I graduated from WMU in 1992. Looks like the pot has gotten more potent since we left.

  6. That picture looks like tree rape. Is it a thing now? With this new breed of perverts called pansexuals??? which I think means sex with anything.

    Tree Rape survivor:

    First, they raped the women, and I said nothing.
    Then, they raped the little girls, and I said nothing.
    Then, the raped the little boys, and I said nothing.

    Then, they raped me, and nobody was left to say anything.

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