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Fracking is Evil


Wanna see where the lithium for all the greenies electric cars comes from?



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  1. If you think lithium mining is ugly, have a gander where the rare earth magnetic elements in the motors of that Prius come from.

    Looks like Mordor on a bad hair day.

  2. That fracking well picture you show – Well, the ANWR (Alaska National Wildlife Refuge) oil site might have been about 100 times as large. It equates to about an airport sized field. In Alaska – which is about 2.5 times larger than Texas.
    But the environmental weenies freaked out about ANWR and it’s “environmental impact”, so ANWR has been scuttled – pretty much resulting in the ruination of the Alaska pipeline.

  3. I knowed y’all up to sumptin’ in heah.
    Big Fur Hat, Evehbody knows a fur hat is a Pimp accoutremontification, specifically and traditionally a Black accomplishment.
    BFH be all appropriatin’ TPH: True Pimp Style.
    You ain’t no Huggy Bear!
    Now, I have not studified the reletavity and the Ramsteinifications of the pictures and much.
    But Frak-a rhymes with Crack-a, and we know how bad the Crack-a has been for the freedification and rights of those, who, in the retro-spectacle are seen clearly.
    I would, in the futuristicalistic time, use your re-sources more productifically instead of tryin’ to be Pimps, which you ain’t.

  4. I remember waaaaayback during my undergrad (metallurgical engineering) we had classes on extractive metallurgy and ore processing/reduction. I’m no greenie but was pretty surprised at the processes and chemicals used. If these halfwit, basement-dwelling, momma’s boy leftists had ANY clue what it took to convert the ores into the final products found in their smugmobile (i.e. Prius) they’d go screaming into the night…..

  5. Reptile, I’ve started liking the LED bulbs! My 3 car garage wasn’t manly enough partly because of the lighting, and partly because the stripper pole had come loose.

    Anyway, my lighting circuit could only handle 12ea 60W bulbs. This is not enough when you’re trying to get a really good look at the stripper pole.

    I added 3 more 3 bulb fixtures, and put 100w LEDs in all of them.


  6. The lower image is a lie, what’s also known as insidious anti-electric car propaganda. The lower image does not feature a photograph of a lithium mine at all, rather shows BHP’s Escondida copper mine in Chile, one of the largest such mines in the world. When is the last time you heard someone complain about the environmental impact of copper?

    Lithium is in fact primarily “mined” through brine extraction, via natural solar evaporation of surface ponds typically in remote areas of South America, and has been described as perhaps one of the least environmentally damaging types of mineral extraction. Here is an actual aerial view of the brine pools and processing areas of the Soquimich lithium mine on the Atacama salt flat, the world’s second largest salt flat, in the Atacama desert of northern Chile:

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