Hank Sanders (D-AL) Coalition Offering ‘$1-$50’ Payments for ‘Participation’

Breitbart- A campaign flyer circulating throughout the state of Alabama just days before Tuesday’s special election for the U.S. Senate is offering money to those willing to participate in activist efforts.

The flyer, which reportedly has been on display at the courthouse in Sylacauga, AL and was featured in an NBC News article by Alex Seitz-Wald, says people who attend rallies “will be given $1-$50” and adds their time and vote “are more valuable than money.”

Every citizen 18 years or older who attends the rally will be given $1-$50 to “Pay it Forward” . Your time and your vote are more valuable than money. Your vote can save the nation.

The flyer also invokes Hitler, references the 2000 presidential election, and ties former President Rutherford B. Hayes to “100 years” of racial strife in the Jim Crow South.

Obama Care was saved by one vote, saving the lives of thousands of Americans. Hitler came to power with one vote, killing millions. In 2000, George Bush won the Presidency with one more vote per precinct in Florida. President Rutherford B. Hayes became President by one vote which led to 100 years of Jim Crow segregation and racial violence.

Inscribed at the bottom are the groups apparently responsible for the flyer, the “S.O.S. Movement for Justice & Democracy & Alabama New South Coalition.”    read more 

14 Comments on Hank Sanders (D-AL) Coalition Offering ‘$1-$50’ Payments for ‘Participation’

  1. Many years ago South Park had a ‘Vote or Die’ episode. In which rapper Puff Daddy came and explained while pointing a gun ‘vote, or we will kill you.’ Seems about the same.

  2. #4 : College Grants and Loans. If they don’t stroke the Pony Tailed Professors, their Fountain of Stupidity and Guaranteed Votes will dry up !!!

  3. Don’t you have a body down in the states that investigates this sort of crap? Gesus, millions have been pissed away by that Democrat Meuller trying to damage the president and this is a blatant vote buying scheme that’s not even been challenged by the government watchdog. Another pit that needs cleaning out.


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