How did we miss the WAPO headline?


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  1. Bezos’ land holdings are larger than the size of Mount Rainier National Park, which is 236,000 acres.

    Bezos is worth $19.1 billion

    Looks like Jeff Bezos had a plan for buying the Washington Post all along…

  2. Not that it really has any, but that one single headline totally destroys the Washington Post’s credibility beyond recovery, What was the word? Irredeemable.

  3. Cato,

    How much of that 19.1 billion is gonna be worth 19.1 billion when the financial system finally collapses?

    Just remember, Bezos has to eat and wipe his ass just like the rest of us.

  4. The rag I am not renewing, the Tampa Bay Times, is just a reprint of the Post and the Times. No credibility, will be a sinking subscription base. Not one of these filthy rags is good for anything but wrapping fish. I don’t even believe their sports scores anymore.

  5. Just read that Amazon removed all the negative comments for Hillary’s newly release book that was co-written with her freaky running mate (can’t even remember his name). They decided to “help” due to her shitty book sales. Screw all the other authors who have to actually depend on talent. WTF is happening??!!!????

  6. I don’t think they have thought this through.

    If they are going to call you a Nazi just for mocking their stupidity, pointing out that their positions, actions, and statements have no basis in reality, and taking steps to change things for the saner – you really have nothing to lose by rounding them up and gassing them.

  7. A con man for pointing out and reacting on reality? It must be nice gazing through a progressive rose colored safety bubble. It’s suggested these loons quickly dispose of their works of art in the coming months before DJT comes and pillages them, lol, and he’s not stopping with USA, he’s going to lay tracks through Canada, Mexico and South America and suck up all their art too. There’s no safe place to hide, except in that progressive loony bubble.. now scat back!

  8. Hitler was a progressive movement icon right up to the minute he invaded the USSR.

    The progressive movement supported the National Socialists with money and with propaganda from the 1920’s right on through their rise to power and up the very point at which Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa.

  9. Lester Holt will be fact checking Anthony Wiener SeXts.
    Lester Holt will be too drunk during the debate.
    Lester Holt will be too busy will the forklift that is trying to bring his fat head to the debate.
    Lester Holt is in love with himself and not going to be at the debate, it will be an evil clone of Lester Holt pretending to be a moderator.
    Lester Holt will be dressed as a clown hiding in the bushes just outside of the debate.
    Will the real Lester Holt please stand up!

  10. “One was a psychopath who believed his own raving rants.”

    Do they mean a blaspheming, narcissistic, prevaricator who constantly wields racism and promotes islam? We’ve suffered eight years of that type of psychopathic ideologue.

  11. This may have increased sales by as many as three copies!

    The deaf as a post has been in it’s death throws for years.

  12. Mustn’t impugn a staunch socialist.

    These clowns have gone over the falls without their canoe or their paddle.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. The Sulzberger family, owners of the New York Times, lost nearly everything by tracking hard left. Would be a shame if the same thing happened to Jeff Bezos, new owner of the Washington Post, a long time lefty newspaper. Didn’t Bezos learn anything from the Sulzbergers? Dat beez goot.

  14. Jeff Bezos is a hard left really rich guy who wants to decide how people are to think and act. Remember this when you use Every purchase you make there puts more money in this little fascist’s pocket.

  15. I don’t suspect they lost any subscriptions based on that little stunt. From what I understand the papers use mostly to line bird cages.

  16. scr_north; You are right, but if we stop shopping at all the companies that support queers, fascists and want to control our every move 24/7 there will be no place left to shop. Target got hurt but it’s still huge and still around.
    I do a lot of buying on amazon for the convenience and items that are hard to find elsewhere. I hate it but it saves wear and tear on my old bones.
    We have to find another way to fight this along with boycotts. Using the left wing tactics of shaming would be a start.
    Remember in school how shaming worked? The only problem today is the left has no shame, ethics or morals.
    When people have had enough, however bad it has to get, it will be resolved by…. (comment stopped to avoid the
    prying eyes of big brother).

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