Just a taste of the left

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via Gateway Pundit

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  1. This is tame compared to the commentators at Salon. They are popping corks on champagne bottles! I haven’t seen them this happy since Thatcher died. Sick, sick people.

  2. I wish this wasn’t posted here, my heart cannot handle the pendulum swing from saddness to anger. The pure venom I am trying to avoid, but my reaction is to support trump. As these are the fuckers who promise to leave my country if he is elected.

  3. This does not surprise me in the least. The left, while pretending to be the side that really cares about people, continuously shows itself to be vile and punishing to those who dare disagree with them.

  4. Why bother looking at other sites, when we’ve got “jeff” commenting on this one? (see previous posting announcing Scalia’s death)

    Mr. Hat, methinks it’s time to blow the dust off the blacklist.

  5. Honestly, I would be celebrating and damning to Hell the death of any of the liberal/progressive trash still on the court.

  6. Wait till the revolution starts…and it will…and you’ll see these punk ass liberal shitweasels grabbing their asses trying to stay out of the line of fire! When it happens, it’s going to be bloody, they’ve had their way screwing over the entire country for too long.

  7. And what kind of contributions did these shitstains make? See you in Hell. From above, of course. ?

    “All things work together for the glory of God for those in Christ Jesus.”

    That’s a tough verse.

  8. Vile, hateful, violent words from the dear little snowflake libturds? Imagine that.
    They open their mouths or put their fingers on a key board and out pours the diarrhea. What else does one expect from people with shit for brains?

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