Making Dating Great Again

I have no idea why this site exists, and how it’s different from any other site, except that maybe it’s for men and women that aren’t lefties.


Without saying it, that’s exactly why it exists. What lefty man or woman is going to look for a date on a Trump site?

It IS making dating great again.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. If I was looking for a date I might give this a try. I’m lucky to have a great wife that is as supportive of Trump as I am.

  2. I must be tired or have fat fingers or something. Maybe turbulence, I’m flying home, but I can’t make a comment without a mistake. Jo should have been…….

  3. And speaking of conservative dating sites (and because I know no one will see this in the BP): Tomorrow the R congress critters will be starting their annual retreat in, I think, Philadelphia, somewhere. If you want to have your voice heard, call the RNC D.C. headquarters and talk with the “constituent services” people. Let them know that you want to see an end to the puzzling “fight” Trump must wage with a bunch of fellow party members who, by virtue of being in the party, have adopted the same platform as the party — they signed-on for it in the last convention — which is also Trump’s platform. Not to put too fine a point on it: McCain, Ryan, Lee, McConnell, Rubio, et al do not have a party leg to stand on! Make sure you point out that those in the capital who wish to continue making their stupid points should be concerned about $$ coming from through the RNC from its donors for their respective races.

  4. I’ve been working the dating sites recently, back in October I chatted one woman into a lunch date. Her first question after we ordered was who was I voting for.
    The date ended rather icily.
    I did go on a date just before Christmas with a woman who brought up that she was a Trump fan. A huge rarity in the People’s Republic of Santa Monica. There wasn’t a connection there but we are on friendly terms.
    I’m definitely taking a look at TrumpSingles.

  5. @Abigail – she let me buy her lunch, of course. It was a delicious burger though, at least she appreciated the gourmet grub.
    @Brad – in Santa Monica? I wish! I’ll take a look though.
    TrumpSingles charges $20 per month, less for longer-term. I may try it for a month.

  6. @ LCD, don’t bother. Farmers has been infiltrated. The Left ruin everything!
    Too bad you’re not a little closer😉


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