Oprah vs. President Trump

Video of Oprah on the Campaign Trail …

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16 Comments on Oprah vs. President Trump

  1. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t even matter that they vilified Trump for being an “entertainer” with no previous political experience. Their ends will always justify their means with those people, hypocrisy be damned.

  2. All Trump needs to do is keep on MAGAing on into 2020 and then ask us if we are better off than we were four years ago and if we are tired of winning yet.

  3. Anonymous- Yep. I remember that. Some people had to sell their car and others were trying to return them. Free is never free, kids.

  4. I recall the recipients were pretty pissed when presented with a tax bill for the value of the car. I also believe that Oprah was pissed back at them when they started complaining about the tax owed and what a crappy thing she did to them..

  5. Just saw a preemptive article by WaPo with the oppo research on her…. like an early inoculation, clear the air now to get her groomed for the chain trail

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