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Right on Cue – Look Who Is Asking For “Their Rights” Now

This was expected. The slippery slope slides toward a very, very bad place.

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  1. Well, if they are just going to pass out rights to every kind of perversion imaginable …
    I get my kicks screwing progressives in the ass with a telephone pole attached to a speeding 1956 Buick. And if the car is a problem, there are stationary pile drivers that will do the job just as well.

  2. America the new Sodom & Gomorrah. 🙁 😡 And yes the responses over at the other site mentioned above are 50/50 disgusting. What next? Marriage to non-human partners? 😯 I love my little sheep so much, I want to marry her? Or Suzie loves Heinz her German Sheperd? There is no sin too great or horrific for the left to support.

  3. This is very, very bad. Children can be very resilient and can overcome a lot of negative events in childhood–poverty, illness, death of a parent, physical abuse–but it is nearly impossible to overcome sexual abuse. The victims carry the guilt and damage with them for life, and frequently become abusers themselves.

    Where’s Hillary Clinton now with her big goddamn yap calling for “children’s rights?”

  4. I can just see it now: Pedo Pride parades, pedo billboards going up around town about how we shouldn’t hate on them, Ben & Jerry’s “Pedo Peach” ice cream. Yay! We’re all-inclusive now, boy!

    Fella comes out to his longtime progtard friends that he’s pedo! Ooopsie! No more babysitting, overnighters or unaccompanied zoo visits for “Uncle” Bob and *their* special snowflakes. Heck, he may be lucky to get another invitation to a backyard bbq. What will all the dads talk about with Bob now, anyway?

  5. jagpald nailed it

    it’s why preezy downlow & his ilk think sex ed for 5 year olds is “the right thing to do” – only a peds/pervs benefit from this

  6. If they’re trying to equate pedophilia with homosexuality, I can play along, insofar as they are both mental illnesses.
    Beyond that, leave them kids alone!

  7. America was indifferent until Pearl Harbor came about. Start molesting the innocent as an “equal right” and you got “Manic Rage” like you’ve never seen…

  8. This is nothing more then the logical extension of “make every perversion normal because we hate God”.

    Satan hates God; so do all his followers. The people to pray for are those who have fallen for the lie. There may be none to save as in the case of Sodom & Gomorrah, but there may be some that just go along with it because they have no moral compass.

    Oh, and I don’t mean “nothing more” as if it’s not important; God will judge us by what we do about this. The homo lobby made their perversion about ‘love’ and it doesn’t hurt anyone (I know, that’s not true – just ask the Christian bakers), but there is NO WAY they can even pretend this won’t hurt anyone.

    In my life, I have never seen my dad more angry then when he heard a story about someone hurting a child. To this day, I truly believe he could have killed a child molester with his bare hands. As a young kid, it made me scared – and proud of him.

  9. The issue is also tied to immigration. In many of the cultures being exported to our country it is not considered taboo to have sex with children. In fact t there have been a number of stories in the news lately about such and the defense being used is that it’s part of “their culture.”

    Polygamy is not the next “big issue”. Mainstreaming pedophilia is–and truth be told they’ve already made quite strides.

  10. Been there. I know from experience. It enrages me to my core when “experts” say children do not suffer from the experience of sexual abuse at the hands of adults. Wanna bet, you evil bastards?

  11. The pervert industry was ready to spring into action the moment the Supreme Nut Case official decision was rendered. They were notified well in advance what the decision would be so that they could have their attack plan in place. The same Black Robed pustule that gave Barach Hussein Obama the heads up also contacted his perverts in arms. Question is: which one?

  12. Ray Charles coulda seen this coming.

    The gloves are off. Evil thinks it has the upper hand (which it does) and that God doesn’t care (but He does).

    When the decent people of the world realize that we’re in a fight for the very souls of EVERY human on Earth, the calculus may change.

    How repugnant must they be before we’re sickened enough to react?

  13. they don’t vote yet.
    tho when billary was president, to further stuff the ballot box, she tried to get passed a bill that allowed 16 -17 yo a “half” vote and 14 – 15 yo a “quarter” vote

  14. The entire gay rights movement was born out of Germany in the 1800s, and it actually began as a “men need to love boys” movement. Gay rights has always been about this, whether they admit it or not; whether the average person marching in a pride parade knows it or not.

    Anyone remember gay rights hero Henry Hay with his sign “NAMBLA marches with me”?

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