Vile Left Cracks Awful Jokes About Melania’s Veil

What the left claims is  just innocent joking about a very solemn and meaningful visit with the Pope is in reality revealing about the horrific wish dreams of the most unhinged.


15 Comments on Vile Left Cracks Awful Jokes About Melania’s Veil

  1. People, i.e. “the left,” do not hesitate to use ugly, mean, vile, and cruel remarks today.

    Obama’s world and his legacy to us.

  2. The Left revealing itself.

    Social media has become the Sodium Pentothal of politics.
    They just can’t help revealing themselves.


  3. The left are childish twerps that never grew up and can’t take a loss. F ’em. I was wearing Gabbana’s eyeglass frames long before his name came up now, damn I am feeling pretty stylish and ahead of the curve for the first time in decades.

  4. What’s the difference in someone cracking a tasteless joke about Moochelle or Melania?

    When our side does it it’s fine and funny? When the other side does it, it’s unacceptable?

    I had (have) a blast picking on the Obama’s, Clinton’s and other insufferable assholes from the other side. I’m not going to try and pretend I take the moral high ground though. We are just as childish at times than leftists.

  5. So f’ing tired of the vitriolic left! Nothing can ever please them. May all their brains shrivel to the size of a sand grain and their mouths clamp shut forever!

  6. This is the weakest argument of all, when you can’t find anything of substance attack the person. [Ad hominem argument]. Next they will throw spit wads!

  7. Melania is beautiful, smart, classy, and elegant. Compare that to the classless missus Obama who showed up in a top she got in a brawl at a dumpster behind Walmart.

  8. “And the Moochelle blasting that many partake of is different? How so?”

    Because the hideous, affirmative action, stupid hermaphrodite racist scum sucking pig would not stop insulting us, our country and our children. It earned every insult it ever got. Melania Trump has done nothing offensive, does not insult us or insist our children eat shit.

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