1 billionaire moves from New Jersey and it threatens their state budget


Mr. Tepper, a highly successful hedge-fund manager, registered to vote in Florida last October, according to Bloomberg. He listed a condominium in Florida as his new residential address and moved his business, Appaloosa Management, to the Sunshine State. And the New Jersey legislature took notice.

15 Comments on 1 billionaire moves from New Jersey and it threatens their state budget

  1. If you think taxing the he’ll out of anyone who can live anywhere and then are shocked that they would pack up and leave…. you might be a Democrat

  2. Once again politicians are dismayed when citizens manifest their displeasure and vote with their feet. The commies had to build an Iron Curtain nearly 800 miles long to stop this. These jackasses never learn.

  3. How long before states enact their own taxpayer border laws where, like a corporate tax inversion, they refuse to let you move because they need your revenue?

  4. This predicament highlights, not the difference between rich and poor, but the difference between statism and free market.
    And here was Chris Crispy Creme trying to run for the office of president. If he hadn’t left earlier, this would have forced him out for sure. . . .at least for conservatives. GOPe RINOs, ummmmm, they probably would have kept him in.

  5. Born and raised in N,J. All over this state are warehouses that replaced traditional factories. Filled with illegals that are bused in every morning. All these people get EBT cards and overcrowd our schools. They occupy lower income housing and get subsidies to do so. This drives up housing costs. Two years till retirement and I’m out of here. I will pre apologize to the south for talking funny.

  6. Sometimes my best (but most obscure) ideas come late. Tell me what you think?
    Chris Crispy Creme for President (CCCP). Those letters look familiar?

  7. PLEEZE don’t spread the word in Noo Joysy that taxes are lower in the Sunshine State. They all vote DemocRAT, and the Century Villages are full anyway.

  8. I guess I am wasting my time, I reduced my income to avoid paying taxes that support our unconstitutional government.
    but no one noticed, not even uncle sam.
    I guess you have to had made a lot of money before they will notice.

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