10-Year-Old Bass Prodigy Cover “Tom Sawyer” by Rush – IOTW Report

10-Year-Old Bass Prodigy Cover “Tom Sawyer” by Rush


Rush lives!

The iconic Canadian rock band called it quits a few years ago but a new generation of fans is still inspired by their music.

And a 10-year-old girl named Ellen Alaverdyan who plays bass shared a video where she plays Rush’s famous song “Tom Sawyer”.

The youngster said, “This was a huge challenge and learning process” but, as you’ll see, she did a great job!

Check out Ellen’s page on YouTube to see more of her videos. She’s a ripper!

14 Comments on 10-Year-Old Bass Prodigy Cover “Tom Sawyer” by Rush

  1. BFH – You should check out the O’Keefe Music Foundation on YT for talented kid musicians. My favorite is “8 yr old girl sings WALK by Pantera”.

  2. “called it quits” = one of the three band members, Neil Peart passed away…

  3. Damn shame that the industry will corrupt her eventually. Nearly always does.

  4. Check out Sina plays drums, think she’s a German girl, she’s pretty good too.

  5. Just bought a cream Gretsch tri five with a bigsby sounds great.

  6. 1.9M views for this one and almost 100k followers, she’ll be able to retire before she graduates high school.

  7. the “summer jam” on her channel is pretty good too.

  8. Good Lord this child is my daughters doppelganger at that qge right down to the grin. my baby is darker completed and darker haired but she played Bass as well albeit at 14 instead of 10.

    Talk about strring memories. That setup she has is quite expensive BTW. She’s 21 now but still tiny. 5 ft, 90 pounds.

  9. Man …… if she was just 3 years yunger………..

  10. Well, id she was my dotter, I’d giver a scrubbin in the shower ………

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