13′ x 20′ Apartments in NYC

In this Dec. 22, 2015, photo, Stage 3 Properties co-founder Christopher Bledsoe talks about the kitchen appliances that come with one of the apartment units at the Carmel Place building in New York. As the city-sponsored ìmicro-apartmentî project nears completion, itís setting an example for tiny dwellings that the nationís biggest city sees as an aid to easing its affordable housing crunch. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

There’s currently a limit to how small a NYC apartment can be. Regulators are considering lifting the restriction to allow even smaller micro-apartments. Tiny hovels with a retractable bed, that’s my dream.

60,000 people signed on to get a spot in a 55 unit complex set to open in a few months. How much?


This is the progressive dream.

Stack and control, baby. Stack and control.

Destroy the family. Glamorize the bisexual, transexual, homosexual lifestyle. Un-stigmatize “forever alone.” Get people riding bikes. Destroy expansion. Have them spend almost their last penny on housing. Limit consumerism. And stack as much of the populace as possible in an easily controllable environment.

We control the horizontal.

We control the vertical.


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  1. This sort of place would make sense for a business to lease for out-of-town employees visiting galactic headquarters in NYC. At $100/day, that’s one heckuva lot cheaper than hotels, and a little extra for housekeeping would still be a huge bargain.

    It might also make sense for a consulting company with various people needing places for their people to stay for some weeks or months.

    But for myself, even when I was single, I’d rather have a three-quart Habanero enema than live in one of those cells suitable only for hive-mind drones.

  2. Three K per month? That’s almost three times my mortgage for a 2700 sq ft house in the ‘burbs, with approx 1/4 acre of land.

  3. I’m trying to think of the comedian. . . He made a joke about his apartment being SOOOOO small, even the rats had hunched shoulders.

  4. 260sq ft for 3000 un-deductible dollars a month? Geezlus, I have over 2000sq ft and with $500/month in taxes, I pay 1/3rd as much. Plus I have off street parking in a garage for 2 cars!

  5. And the Proggy Elite will tell them how Wunderfull they are !

    From their 40,000 sq ft compounds.

    /libs is so duuuuummmbbbbb

  6. I just remembered the one about the retired circus sideshow midget who inherited a large fortune and decided to build a huge condo with little tiny apartments where other midgets who were down on their luck and couldn’t afford housing could live at no cost. He named it the “Stay Free Mini-Pads”.


  7. 800-sq.-ft., one-bedroom co-op in the fair city of Yonkers. Loan $720 a month, maintenance $577, total $1,297 monthly for housing. In other words, more than three times the space for 40% of the cost.

    Loan is on track to be paid off in 2020. Then it will just be the maintenance. Did I mention that part of the maintenance is tax-deductiblle?


  8. When I was younger (in the 60’s) a neighbor kid said his aunt lives in hotel
    in NYC. Does anyone know if someone can live in a hotel all their life?
    What would that cost?
    I told him at the time it sounded far fetched. But maybe.

  9. Just my master bedroom is @ 17 x 17. Does not include the master bath or walk in closet. I like elbow room. Progs want the populace to live a lesser life. Screw that noise.

  10. Interesting this should come up–I was just looking for this sort of thing this weekend after reading an article online about one girl’s search. In the end she found one for $1950, so small the one above comes off as a spacious mansion. The bed was literally right by the stove so that when she cooked, the bed was behind her knees. I was imagining all the splashing of grease and food particles that might end up on that bed.

    I’d seen these sort of articles before and am always curious to see how people fix up such small places. (Some are kind of nice.) I’ve heard many people in NYC eat dinner at their coffee tables (is that true or rumor?) because few have dining rooms or an area large enough to put a kitchen table. But this place was so small I was actually disgusted. How is it they are cramming people into these sardine cans at such expense, and sharing the cost might drive the parties insane because of the proximity to the whites of each other’s eyes.

    I get that NYC is supposed to be this desirable place to live (sorry, I wouldn’t want to), but WTH?

  11. Oh gosh I had forgotten about parking. I spent a year in Jersey City once and the details for parking wanted to crush my skull. One day park here, another day there, forget where you parked, have to stand up early to go get the car moved before whatever o’clock because I couldn’t find a better spot the night before, etc. etc.

    Though my building had a laundry room AND just next to my apartment door was a chute for the trash. I don’t know about disposing of trash in most buildings, but I had gotten to know that few buildings had laundry rooms and saw people toting huge bags to laundromats, so I was super glad about the laundry room we had.

  12. We have a 2400 square foot house on 2,178,000 square feet of land and the property taxes are ~$2,000 / yr ($167 / mth).

    And it ain’t enough land.
    I’d have a square mile if I could afford it.

    Fuck NYC and their rat warrens.

    Didn’t the Japs have some coffin-sized bedrooms they were renting out a few years ago?

  13. Nowadays, it probably wouldn’t work. But 50 years ago hotels did offer leases for permanent guests. The Chelsea Hotel was famous for its permanent residents.

    Dorothy Parker spent the last years of her life living at the Volney, a hotel on the Upper East Side. There were also a number of hotels that were for women only. The most famous of these was probably the Barbizon on on East 57th Street. It was well known because many fashion models lived there.

  14. I can confirm that nobody in Manhattan eats off a coffee table. That’s because they all get stir-crazy from their eensie-weensie apartments, and go out to eat instead.

  15. Uncle al you nailed it! It’s a cell! And these democrats are signing up in droves to live in one! Says a lot right there!

  16. These used to be self-storage units, right?

    Kennels for humans. I’d like to see a giant gerbil exercise wheel photoshopped into these.

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