“He’s my old character with $10 billion”

Stephen Colbert believes Donald Trump is playing politics on “an emotional level” and doing it “so beautifully” during an interview for CBS’s Face the Nation.


Who’s laughing Now, Colbert?

The Late Show host thinks Trump plays the caricature of a Republican politician Colbert ever did.


I get the feeling either CBS is trying to help Colbert get a few more viewers or they’re trying to squeeze whatever political relevance they can from the failing late night chat host before he disappears completely.

9 Comments on “He’s my old character with $10 billion”

  1. I don’t watch tv. So I don’t know this person. But this guy does.

    David Burge

    That character: an inept bombastic liberal pretending to be an inept bombastic conservative twitter.com/thehill/status…
    6:19 AM – 28 Dec 2015

  2. Yo Steve. It’s “Coal Bert.” Not “Coal Bear” Stephen. Or do you want me to pronounce it “Stefaaaaaahhhhhhhhnnnn?”

  3. “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down my pants.”

    I cannot wait until Trump’s second day in office when America can officially dismiss the likes of colbert, stewart and all the Gollywood liberal spokesmonkeys for the total loser morons that they are. It’s time for them to go back in their bottles and stop trying to “act” like they know something other than learning lines and being narcissists.

    It’s time for the grown-ups to talk now.

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