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2 Inmates Save a Guard From Brutal Beating


Two inmates at a maximum-security South Carolina prison are being lauded for helping a guard who was attacked by another inmate. The state’s Department of Corrections is now detailing the Monday evening attack, which WCIV notes could’ve been a deadly one had the rescuing inmates not intervened. “The officer was punched in the face, pushed down a flight of stairs and stomped on the head” by the attacker, the SCDC Twitter account noted the day after the incident at Lee Correctional Institution. At that point, the two prisoners stepped in: One of them “grabbed the assailant,” while the other “pulled the officer to safety & called for help.”

The agency notes that the attacker was taken to another prison and now has new charges pending. It’s not clear what that inmate is in prison for, nor was a motive given for the attack, but the State notes the prison is a Level 3 facility “designed primarily to house violent offenders with longer sentences, and inmates who exhibit behavioral problems,” per the SCDC’s site


It should be obvious to all why the 2 inmates cannot be rewarded for their heroism.

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