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Holiday ‘bomb cyclone’ to create travel nightmares


U.S. air travel figures through Tuesday show the number of people passing through airport checkpoints is up from year-ago levels, though the next few days will be tricky given the prospects for a deadly winter storm system ahead of the busy holiday weekend.

Data from Sunday through Tuesday from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration show an average of 2.27 million people moving through airport security, up 10% from the same period last year.

Those levels might not hold as a major storm system is setting up for extremely dangerous travel conditions over the next few days. The National Weather Service said to expect bitter cold and life-threatening wind chills over the Northern Plains starting Wednesday and those conditions will continue to move eastward toward the weekend.

Significant amounts of freezing rain are expected before temperatures drop enough to turn that precipitation into snow. Blizzard warnings are already in place for parts of southern Wisconsin and some of the Great Lakes states could see as much as 2 feet of snow before the storm finally heads out to the Atlantic early next week.


Here in Florida it will be 55˚.

It will be pandemonium.

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  1. Day 1 Wed. the 21st 2022: Weather cold, gonna be very colder. No snow but some white ice attached to trees…..70 degrees in the house and I WILL not surrender….Willy’s( in the center of everywhere America) out…

  2. ‘Bomb cyclone’? How many people will that trigger? Not because of the actual weather, but because of the name.
    It is December! It is the winter. Get over yourselves. It may be colder than the past few years. It isn’t man-made climate change, it is just the weather.

    BTW, Merry Christmas!

  3. Ice storm headed our way. Could get a 1/4 of ice on everything before it turns to rain. Already have 6” or so of snow and temps dipping into the teens or lower.

    Is this Seattle?!? By golly, global cooling of the 70’s is back!

  4. The panic that the media & politicians love to create is pathetic over a winter storm. Had my local 5 P.M. news on today(Indianapolis). There was no real news, instead they had the idiot mayor holding a press conference, basically telling everybody that they are going to die. We get it. It’s winter in Indiana. Snow, ice & wind is part of it. If one is prepared, they will be fine. In 1978, Indiana had a blizzard that dumped nearly 3 feet of snow. My parents did not panic & run around crying about it. Instead, one of my best childhood memories is of my folks, my sister & me building snowmen, riding our sleds & being off of school for 2 weeks!!! I miss the good old days! Merry Christmas to all of you & yours!


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