2 men who tried to capture escaped camel from petting zoo have been stomped to death – IOTW Report

2 men who tried to capture escaped camel from petting zoo have been stomped to death

Camels are ferocious. I’m not sure these volunteers were fully aware of just how badass camels are.


The Obion County (Tennessee) Sheriff’s Office got a call about a loose camel attacking people near the Shirley Farms petting Zoo at around 4:45 p.m., the department said in a statement.

When deputies arrived, they found the two unconscious victims and the unhinged creature on the loose. Several agencies were on the scene to provide aid and get the victims to safety.

As deputies moved one of the victims into an ambulance, the camel reappeared and attacked a sheriff’s office vehicle. Officers were forced to “put the camel down for the safety of everyone on the scene,” the statement said.

A camel expert told the outlet that when fully grown, the animals “have enough strength to crush arms and legs along with your neck while kicking forward and backwards.”

“Most animals can only kick backwards. Camels will do a combination of all those things while kneeling forward to crush you,” the expert said.


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  1. We have friends with a 50 acre ranch near us. They host events at their “western town” and have a variety of animals which used to include Benny the camel. When he was young he was cute and friendly but I and the owner noticed Benny was getting unruly as he got bigger and older. The owner did not start training early enough and really had no idea about how to go about it. He asked me to help train Benny to accept a halter. It went okay at first but, holy cow!! He legs seemed to be on hinges that allowed him to flail them about in any direction! Seemed to have 20 legs rather than four!

    He also escaped from his pasture once in a while. It was too dangerous to approach him so we would have put a desirable treat in his feeder and wait for him to come back inside. This guy wanted him to be available for petting to people renting the “town” for events! Well, that was not a good idea! Geez!! Idk what made him get a freaking camel.

    Benny later died and solved that problem.

  2. The camel was at a “petting zoo”?? Isn’t that a place to bring the kiddies to give the nice animals a pat on the head? Why would they have a killer camel at a “petting zoo”? I’m sorry the beastie had to be put down. Ill behaving animals, kept in a domestic setting, are because of clueless owners, ignorant of proper care and training. The animal is acting on natural instinct.

  3. People are surprised which animals are mean.
    A camel at a petting zoo?
    Not too swift.
    Very sad people died.

  4. I rode a camel.


    It was outside of an attraction called “The Miracle Theatre” in Pigeon Forge TN that, sadly, doesn’t exist any more. It was a way for them to make additional money by selling rides that fit the Biblical themeing and were very visible from the Parkway to draw attention.

    They even made it easy by having ride loading/unloading stations at the camel’s standing height, with a handler to guide the beast on its circuits and prevent it from spitting on you.

    And for all that, it wasa DEEPLY unpleasant experience I would never care to repeat.

    The animal stank, no surprise there, but it was also pretty coarse haired. Also, it had this rolling/loping gait even at walking speeds that was profoundly unsettling to both butts and lunch. And even through a saddle, its spine was bony and high, like I was riding a razorback hog with the legs of a giraffe and the overall rigidity of a Slinky.

    It DID increase my understanding of Muslims though. I can more easily see that if you were forced to gallop across a desert on this outsized llama that you’d burn villages, kill goats, pick fights with better countries, and willingly run from Israeli warplanes just for an excuse to get OFF this obstreporous ungulate.

    Maybe leave the camels in the desert. Its probably for the best.

    For them AND for us.

  5. Some of the ex dairy farms around me have camels now. Also bison and ostriches. There’s a market for bison and ostrich meat, I have no idea what they use the camels for.

  6. Adding: On their epitaph it should read:

    “In case you’re wondering how I died, I was kick in the head by a camel.”

    That should stick with the reader for the day…

    What a brutal way to die….

  7. “I have no idea what they use the camels for”

    … ’cause goats ain’t in heat ALL the time
    (thought everybody knew that since W. Bush’s ‘Desert Storm Exchange Program’ played daily on CNN, back in the day)

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  10. @ChickenCheeks March 12, 2022 at 4:23 pm

    > When is rutting season for camels?

    Camels rutting? Or camels being rutted?

    Because… well… you know.

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