This is Hate Speech?

December 1, 2019 BFH 16

What protected class is Lady Gaga in that it is considered “hate speech” to say you prefer the First Lady to Lady Gaga? Story

Krying with Kamala

December 1, 2019 MJA 13

Kamala Harris Posts Video with Crying Supporters: ‘You Are My Hero’. Breitbart: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) posted a short video on Friday that featured supporters telling her that she brings [Read More]

Grand Opening of The Vag

December 1, 2019 BFH 33

Feminuts seem to insist that there is a “stigma” about the vagina. I’m not aware of one. And yes, the people at the Grand Opening look exactly like you think [Read More]

Cutie Pies

December 1, 2019 Claudia 14

Images from: 1 Patrick (Squirrel) A young squirrel found in the middle of the road on a bicycle ride. After moving it from danger it climbed up my arm and [Read More]

Go All the Way

December 1, 2019 BFH 27

Eric Carmen of Raspberries fame is an unabashed Trump supporter and is now catching hell on Twitter. The totalitarian left is trying to burn him at the virtual stake. showbiz411- [Read More]

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