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Do queers for Palestine understand what they’re supporting? Let’s find out.



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  1. Met him at the Utah State Republican Convention in 2022. He was campaigning against the grooming of minors for transgender transitioning, something our nominally Republican Gov. Spencer “Karen” Cox has repeatedly protected.

  2. Product of an ideology where the easily manipulated are rewarded when they view all discrepancies in outcome between people/groups are attributed to some type and extent of systemic oppression in order that they can be exploited to serve the cause of progressivism. Which is just another way of saying serve Satan.

  3. She at least had enough intelligence to appreciate the troublesome depth of her ignorance and to realize that her assumptions and conclusions are in serious need of reexamination. But she’ll probably look up in a rainstorm, forget to close her mouth, and drown.

  4. Islam is perfectly fine with queers protesting against Israel. Absolutely. No doubt.

    There is also absolutely no doubt that they would kill them when given the chance

    I’m sure they knew they could tap into the idiocy of our youth going to college that have already been trained to hate God, America and all that is good here.

  5. Never underestimate the lack of common sense or practical intelligence of most people living under the delusional and deceptive banner of wokeness and the demoncrat party…the DNC however counts on it.


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