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Washington Honestly Had a Thing for Cherries


Archaeologists at George Washington’s Mount Vernon have unearthed an astounding 35 glass bottles from the 18th century in five storage pits in the Mansion cellar of the nation’s first president. Of the 35 bottles, 29 are intact and contain perfectly preserved cherries and berries, likely gooseberries or currants. The contents of each bottle have been carefully extracted, are under refrigeration at Mount Vernon, and will undergo scientific analysis. The bottles are slowly drying in the Mount Vernon archaeology lab and will be sent off-site for conservation. More

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  1. I live not too far down the road from the oldest building in the county, the original structure was built in 1792. The Landmark Society takes care of it now. We don’t have history like Europe does.

  2. I had Ashey’s cherry, rite there inna shower!

    No joke, man, I evah tellya bout how beau ded cuttin dowm a chery tree? It was Trum0s tree and wuz growin MAGA racista, so in my fighter pilot days I sed…wuzzat over there?

  3. Many of the attendees to Epstein’s Island sought the same.
    Gosh, who were they?

    The FBI can find grandmothers and patriots from numerous states who were in Washington on Jan. 6th and jailed them. They dared to enter the Capitol after being urged to enter by Capitol Police.
    If they had been pedophiles on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island of Perversion they will never be identified, indicted or prosecuted.

    They (Biden admin., DOJ, DNC and FBI) say, “No One is above the Law”, It is a concept and talking point the DOJ and FBI LAUGHABLY throw out to feed the ignorant masses.

  4. @ Wild Bill Sunday, 16 June 2024, 0:01 at 12:01 am,
    Yup, when I lived in Naples, Italy back in the early 70s we spent a lot of time at Carney Park and the clubhouse there had been built in the mid 16th century….

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