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20th Century Schizoid Man

Washington Times

The president also bungled a relatively easy question about his message to Arizona voters after the state Supreme Court ruled that its abortion ban from 1864 is still on the books and enforceable. By issuing the decision, the court effectively banned abortion care in Arizona.

“Elect me, I’m in the 20th century,” Mr. Biden, 81, said before correcting himself to the 21st century. More

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  1. “20th Century Schizoid Man ”

    Jeez were old. 1969. King Crimson. 69 was a great year for cars. They made them great in 68, but they made them fine in 69. 69 Camaro, my vote for best looking pony car ever.
    What were we talking about again?

  2. Scott had a 69 Nova. Typewriter black paint. It had no seats in the back, no door panels, no carpet, blocked headers with holes drilled in them.

    Thing was loud and obnoxious, but it was as fast as a scalded cat.

    I think he paid 500 for it.

  3. I sold a number matching 69Z to a guy from SoCal. I pulled the DZ302 and put a 383 stroker in it. I had a lot of fun blowing off the Ferrari crowd around here Sweet car. Some guy followed me to work one day and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. If I ever build one up again I’ll try and find a rolling chassis. However I really want to build up a 69 Dart. 340 4 speed car.

  4. “Scott had a 69 Nova. ”

    In 69 and 70 you could order a Nova with a big block in it. When I was young and pretty one of my pals picked one up. Damn car weighed slightly less than my left testicle minus that big ass big block. On a hard launch that damn thing would just spring wrap. (Twist the leaf springs up). Long story short we tried a MOPAR fix. A Pinion Snubber. Holy shit the thing launched like Don Garlits dragster. Ah, the good old days. Busted knuckles, grease stained hands, oily hair. You just smelled like motor.

  5. I’m just gritting my teeth and waiting, because they’re going to have to release one hell of a black swan to keep their grip. He’s not funny. He’s f—king scary.

  6. That Nova was the 100 dollar bill on the windscreen car.

    It was a full-on drag car (for Budd’s Creek), but I guess the guy lost a bet and had to get rid of it.

    Funny thing was Scott never got speeding tickets, but Phil did all the time.

    The only thing I can think was the Nova looked like shit, but the Camaro was red and white.

  7. “I have a fully restored 66 GTO. The only thing I’m told that could out run it in it’s day was a 69 Hemi Dodge Charger.”

    Yikes. Just no. But keep that thing box stock darlin. If Trump gets back in it will be worth more than Saudi Arabia in three years.

  8. I have my Beetle, and guitars and amps.

    Most of my amps are just stored. I used to have a studio room, but with cats all over the house I have to keep them locked up. Some of them probably don’t work anymore.

    I just re-discovered a really nice guitar I’ve had for decades. It’s an SSH pickguard (guts) on a modern (20 year old) Stratocaster with a Telecaster Deluxe neck.

  9. Aaron Burr would probably be laughing at me… but the Tele Deluxe was a piece of shit. The neck was great, but the body and pickups were refuse.

    So I took the SSH guts out of a baritone Stratocaster, put those in a tilt-neck Stratocaster body, and put the bullet Telecaster neck on that Frakenstein’s bullshit.

  10. How much zed-DDP?

    I think we threw the script out the window.

    I was not a car guy. I was a motorcycle guy.

    And that is all way in the past.

  11. @mr_pinko

    I don’t think they’ll end up running him. And if they do it’s a bad sign. There’s no guarantee that he won’t vapor lock tomorrow. Now even some Libtard journalists are demanding he debate Trump. Tik Toc. Shit’s going to get intense here pretty quick. INCLUDING SOME FBI COORDINATED TERRORISTS ATTACKS. Enjoy today, tomorrows gonna suck. Good thing you purchased a gun and took some lessons.

  12. I bought a 70 Nova SS 350 4-speed, new. Still kicking myself for not springing the extra 300 bucks for a big block. But at least I still own it. :-). Just two weeks ago went ripping through the gears with the grandkids riding shotgun, watching for cops. It takes me back to 18-year old me.

  13. When I was 18 back in 73 we had a baby blue Gremlin with the straight six. Can’t say I miss it but it always ran ok.
    Come to think about it Slow Joe should be driving that car.
    Joe only corrects himself when his earpiece tells him to.


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