Emerald City Hoedown Forces Dance Group Out Over Their Old Glory Outfits – IOTW Report

Emerald City Hoedown Forces Dance Group Out Over Their Old Glory Outfits

Red State

Is it something in the water that turns so many residents of Washington into America-hating, left-wing zealots? The Evergreen State is once again in the news as the Borderline Dance Team was forced out of the Emerald City Hoedown in Seattle Saturday, not because their act was profane, not because they broke the rules—but because their uniforms depicted the American flag. Evidently, the symbol of our country is too much for these wokesters.

I’m guessing there wouldn’t have been a problem if the team wore Palestinian flags. More

Video of the team performing to “No Truck Song” Watch

11 Comments on Emerald City Hoedown Forces Dance Group Out Over Their Old Glory Outfits

  1. Sue for breach of contract. Then DON’T sign a Non Disclosure. Publicize this shit. Let the citizens of Leftopia know how much they’re paying for their leaderships’ Stoopid Shit.

  2. First mistake was ro participate in an event “for gays”. If you’re gay, well you signed up for it. If you are normal, then WTF are you signing up for this?

  3. Who knew that hoedown had a double meaning. It’s just like the word therapist. Square dancing used to be for older square couples, and it still is in most places. I’d rather be square because I don’t care with the left trying to make everyone equally fair and miserable. My mom and dad and most of my parent’s friends used to square dance back in the 60’s and 70’s and they even took us a few times when we were kids. And I turned out normal.

  4. Square dancing was still far better than having to dance in gym class in Junior HS in the mid 60’s to the playing of that lousy song Play it on the Bossa nova on a 45 record. If I hear that song even once in a blue moon on XM’s 60’s channel it still makes me cringe. Being forced to dance to that lousy song was a form of torture in JHS.

  5. I live here and so do a lot of other normal people. The freaks took over after the first big emptying out of California in the mid through late eighties. The seventies saw the burnouts from the drug culture drifting north but the tax refugees swamped our poor little state.

    They, of course, brought their sickness with them and the rest is a sordid dive into the feculent leftist dream of nihilism and death.

    Our leadership weren’t prepared for the level of organized evil the California leftists brought with then and were simply overrun by the communist ideologues.

    So, yeah, there’s that.

  6. Shouldn’t a gay square dance outfit be accused of cultural appropriation since square dancing is obviously not a gay (maybe in the old sense of the word gay which used to mean a fun thing or event) thing? It gives new meaning to doing a doh see doh. The queers should stick to disco and other YMCA theme song music events.

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