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25 Minutes of a Twin Falls, Idaho Council Meeting Is a Microcosm of What We Are Up Against

It starts with a report of a 5 year-old young girl who was purportedly raped by 3 Syrian refugee boys, 8, 10 and 13.

They dragged her into a laundry room by knifepoint and the 13 year-old raped her and then instructed the other two to do the same while he videoed it. The younger boys were too young to ejaculate, so they urinated on her.

The crime was discovered in progress and the parents of both the victim and the savages were called. Purportedly, upon arrival, the father hi-fived the 13 year-old.

The citizens of Twin Falls confront their council about this. All of them sit there like a-holes and tell the people that they aren’t even aware of the incident.

One fat bastard grills a concerned citizen and demands to know if she is part of a coordinated group, asking her how many members her group has. When she says she is not part of a group he snipes, “oh, you just all showed up coincidentally?”

She says, “how bizarre, citizens happen to have the same concerns.”

He ends his time by putting into the record that at a different meeting one woman stood up and said she was a white supremacist and was speaking on behalf of white people, inferring that any concerns about Muslim refugee settlements means you’re an ally of, and speak on behalf of, white supremacy.

The council, these fart-cupping jerks, hold a unilateral minority opinion, not caring at all about the concerns of the majority of the people.

Who do these thugs think they are??

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25 Comments on 25 Minutes of a Twin Falls, Idaho Council Meeting Is a Microcosm of What We Are Up Against

  1. We need to start calling this what it is. Treason.

    The government’s primary function is to keep its citizens safe from foreign invaders. The leftists who have userped the authority of the American people and are dictating as a minority to the majority need to be dealt with before our course cannot be righted, and we lose our sovereignty.

  2. the lie has such powerful magic.

    it opens up a whole world of make believe for those telling lies.

    that’s why it’s satan’s weapon of choice.

    “who do these people think they are?”
    our overlords of course.

  3. i used to think “what if it were your child”

    now i think it wouldn’t matter, they are numb from the neck up, entrenched in pc, more concerned with right-wing extremism than reality

  4. They will continue to think and act like asshole kings until taught otherwise.

    Scratch the surface just a wee bit and I bet you’ll find corrupt child-raping racist greedy perversion everywhere.

  5. sadly it is going to take THOUSANDS more actions and events like this to finally wake people up….just not sure by that time we will be able to even get our country back…..fear it is already lost when ignorant morons like this are in charge…..so very sad.

  6. And the one prick who states the agenda didn’t include 25 minutes of talk on the subject and how they’ve been more than generous with time to hear the concerns when a citizen rightfully points out they are a panel full of lazy retards. Well, the agenda didn’t include the specific topic, but it did allow for talk from citizens about items not on the agenda. It’s the town of the citizens, how these arrogant bastards talk down to them screams arrogance while finger pointing blame around. I’d leave this city if I were there and I hope everyone there does the same; you all deserve better.

  7. I have not seen this yet and I will watch it.

    Speaking as a father who was raised in a Western Civilized home… had this happened to my daughter I would have shot the 13 year old and father and then, God willing they were still alive I would have finished the job with a baseball bat.

    Speaking as a father who was raised in a Western Civilized home if I sat on a jury of a father who with planed malice employed grievous bodily harm resulting in death of the rapist and his father I would vote ‘NOT guilty’.

    This is being forced upon us as a whole. Obama is more culpable for this than Smith & Wesson is culpable for Orlando and yet the nation remains silent. It is outrageous!

  8. Obviously, the address is known of the quoranderthal and his brood. And the names and addresses of the city council can be found. Publish all of the above far and wide. Let CITIZENS take their own protective actions, since the city government (which includes the po-po) refuses to take actions to protect its own citizens.

    I’m thinking broken glass, punctured tires, clogged drains, whatever is close to hand to let the CITIZENS show their displeasure without endangering lives. Yet. The ropes may come later.

  9. So, I just started to read- the little girl was born premature!

    My 2nd daughter was born 2 pound 6 ounces! She is a bit delayed and I’m seeing red that some animal would not only rape any child but a child with special needs. And it took 2 hours for the police to arrive AND there has been no arrests. Good God what is going on there?

    Well, I would fall back on my original statement. Father and rapist son would be dead. Dead and thrown off the bridge that spans the snake river. Maybe for go the gun and just use the bat and then throw them off the bridge. If a close friend called me up and told me this happened to his cousin’s friends niece and they were getting a posse/vigilantly group/mob together for this Wednesday night and 1. do you have a bat and 2. will you ‘be there’? I can’t honestly say I would say “no”.

    I need to moderate myself. If I start typing what I’m feeling I could find myself on a watch list.

  10. It’s like a real life version of “The Live”. These people are all bought and paid for. The council members acting this way should be dealt with “with extreme prejudice”.

  11. Well,

    That was informative. The Twin falls city council does not keep up to speed on the most current of events in Twin Falls but it totally hip to what happened in Orlando Fl and will lecture you on the fact that Omar was a US citizen.

    I’m so tempted to move to Twin Falls and run for city council so I could debate anyone of these jokers.

  12. “He ends his time by putting into the record that at a different meeting one woman stood up and said she was a white supremacist and was speaking on behalf of white people…”

    Am I the only one who finds it staggeringly difficult to believe that someone stood up at a city council meeting to complain about ANYTHING AT ALL and prefaced their comments by saying they were “a white supremacist…speaking on behalf of white people”?

    Sorry, jack, I just ain’t buying it. But if it did happen, I’m sure there must be video of it. So where’s the video?

  13. The only supremacists are islamic supremacists. Even if there was a white supremacist, the only ones running around raping children are islamic supremacists. Notice how that isn’t brought into the equation.

  14. might want to check the truth of this story.the council meeting happened but the rest of it maybe not.

  15. This happened in Idaho. Amazes me how old fashion vigilantism evades these mountain folk. If this happened 50 years ago the building and council members would no longer exist. “Never was such a building or committee ever here. You must mean some other town.”

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