27 Found Massacred In Kenya

Scientists estimate that the brutal killing of women and children 10,000 years ago is the first evidence of human warfare.


Found in Barack Obama’s motherland, Nataruk, Kenya, the victims had projectiles and blunt force wounds.

If only they had Obamacare.



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  1. A Scots Scientist, digging in his back yard, found a copper wire and announced that Scotland had the telephone 150 years ago.
    Not to be out done, an English Scientist digging near the Cliffs of Dover found wire and declared, in a big scientific book, that England had a telephone 180 years ago.
    On reading all this stuff, Paddy Quinn dug down four feet in his garden in Tullamore and found fooken nothin’. He sent a report to British Scientific Review telling them that two hundred years ago
    Ireland was wireless, They printed it in the Daily Mail. Gospel!

  2. Not to speak stupidly of scientists. I am well aware of the gift they have given to us in medicine and technology, But I fear that these Global warming scientists are giving scientists a bad name.

  3. Edison tested the first light bulb in secrecy by installing it in an outhouse of a remote Indian tribe.
    Thus he became the first man in history to wire a head for a reservation.

  4. Globaloney Warming “scientists” are not scientists – they are “scientists.”

    Snake-oil salesmen.

    And the sad part is; they know it.

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