3 High Schools Cancel Football Season Due to Lack of Healthy Players – IOTW Report

3 High Schools Cancel Football Season Due to Lack of Healthy Players


A high school in Kentucky has been forced to cancel its remaining football season for its varsity team due to a shortage of ‘healthy players.‘

The Bellevue High School Athletic Director, Jim Hicks, announced that the school’s decision was made due to a limited number of healthy players available for the team.

He added that the player’s safety at Bellevue High School is their number one priority.

Hicks said the school is expecting the return of varsity football in 2023.

Bellevue High School isn’t the first to cancel its football seasons due to concerns about players’ health.

In September, Okemos High School in Michigan canceled varsity football season due to the same reasons – a lack of healthy players, Wilx10 reported.

Officials at the schools said the decision was made due to the health concerns of players.

Last month, a Nebraska school district also decided at Lincoln Northwest High School to cancel the remaining varsity football games scheduled for the 2022 season. more here

7 Comments on 3 High Schools Cancel Football Season Due to Lack of Healthy Players

  1. Hey – at least they don’t have Covid, because that might require some bed rest, chicken soup, and some aspirin – if they even show any symptoms.

  2. I know of some schools who canceled their varsity programs this year. The scamdemic forced the cancellation of sports for two to three years, and these schools are rebuilding their football programs.

    They are having trouble getting juniors and seniors to go out for sports, so a lot of squads are heavy on freshman and sophomores. The coaching staff (and not really the administration as one might expect) have deemed it a safety issue if a 130 pound freshman tries to block or tackle a 225 pound senior who knows how to play football. So rather than risk injury, the varsity schedules were cancelled in favor of freshman and junior varsity schedules.

    It is an intelligent move – mostly by the coaching staff. Football is generally a revenue source for many schools, so counting on the administration to initiate the right thing is rare.

  3. I wonder if some parents who made the mistake of getting their kids the shots are worried about their kids dropping from heart issues if they play?

  4. I knew one kid in Jr. High who dropped dead on the basketball court during after school practice.
    Turned out he had an unknown congenital heart condition.
    Seems to be going around.

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