Border Patrol Seizes 44 lbs of Fentanyl Labeled With ‘CNN’ Logo – IOTW Report

Border Patrol Seizes 44 lbs of Fentanyl Labeled With ‘CNN’ Logo


Nearly 20 bricks of suspected fentanyl, some marked with cable news network CNN’s logo, were seized at the southern border, according to officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Authorities said the packages were stopped at the Pharr International Bridge Cargo Facility in Texas on Thursday, Oct. 13, when officers encountered a commercial tractor-trailer arriving from Mexico.

A border patrol officer ordered the tractor-trailer to pull over for further inspection using “non-intrusive inspection” equipment and screening by a canine team. As officers inspected the vehicle, they uncovered 19 packages of alleged fentanyl concealed within the tractor.

Authorities said the packages had a combined weight of 44.35 pounds and a street value of $1,036,000.

“CBP officers intercepted this load of fentanyl, the largest thus far in port history, thanks to great teamwork and the utilization of all available tools and resources,” said Port Director Carlos Rodriguez, Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry. “It is important to remember how lethal fentanyl is, which is why our officers always work wearing personal protective equipment and use vital equipment which can identify these dangerous substances before officers handle them.”


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  1. Either somebody is trying to do the world a favor, or somebody at CNN is going to be pissed that their supply was intercepted.

  2. if you are of a certain age you will notice they are saying exactly the same thing about fentanyl that they used to say about LSD: they are marketing it by labeling it with bright colors and kiddy images. Mickey mouse back then; I expect Sponge Bob soon.

  3. Pretty sure non-elected governor and CUOMO CLONE Kickback Kathy Hochul is highly disgruntled she can’t get her grubby hands on the kickback money from illegal drugs.

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