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3 in custody in connection with I-85 fire, bridge collapse

AJC: State investigators arrested three people Friday in connection with a fire that caused the collapse of a heavily traveled section of I-85.

Jay Florence, deputy commissioner of the state Department of Insurance, which includes the fire marshal’s office, identified the three as: Basil Eleby, charged with criminal damage to property; Sophia Bruner, charged with criminal trespass; and Barry Thomas, charged with criminal trespass.

“We believe they were together when the fire was set and Eleby is the one who set the fire,” Florence said.

Eleby, 39, has been arrested 19 times since 1995, mostly on drug offenses, according to Fulton County jail records. He was last arrested in 2014 in Fulton County for the sale and trafficking of cocaine.


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  1. Oh great, not two quarters between the three of them. Why can’t a billionaire or a millionaire be the perp who can pay restitution?

  2. This is not being called a terrorist attack, but it is.

    Domestic Terrorism

    Our city will suffer for months. 🙁

  3. “Put them out there daily to clean up, carry stuff, and act as go-fers for the construction men.”

    Then, hang them from the bridge with piano wire.

  4. Chilly night. Needed a fire. Ignorami Africanus.
    Enjoy Atlanta commuters. Black history month is now 12 months of the year. All yo shit is history.

  5. @tu jclady.I live way north of the city but work all around it. The homeless live under every underpass in town, and heads need to roll for allowing that material that could do that to a major national highway to be stored under an interstate. If a warehouse burns down the warehouse is closed, if an interstate is shut down then the interstate is closed. This will be billions in lost economy.

  6. In this, there is a lot of stupidity. Most of
    it the city/county’s fault for allowing that
    shit to build up until it could happen. That’s
    some major bux to recover from that.

  7. Sometime around 4 p.m. Thursday, Eleby allegedly met up with the two other suspects, Thomas and Brauer, under the bridge. The trio allegedly talked about smoking crack, but Eleby reportedly told police he then left the area before the fire started.
    But according to law enforcement, he also drew them a diagram specifically showing where a chair, shopping cart and barrels of wire were located, all of that being key the fire investigation.
    Thomas’ account differs from Eleby at a critical point. He reportedly told investigators that Brauer attempted to smoke crack, but was denied by Eleby so she decided to go to sleep. Thomas says he then watched Eleby put the chair on top of the shopping cart, reach under the car and ignite it, according to the source. 

  8. We have so many people like this. Why don’t we send them all to Mexico? Or give them a permanent home in jail? Or maybe send them toVenezuela where they can live in a people’s paradise?

  9. Interesting how fire brought down a section of highway made of concrete and steel. But according to 911 conspiracy theorists, fire cannot possibly melt, weaken steel to the point where it could not structurally hold up weight.

    So this has to be the case of the Bush people secretly wiring the highway to explode with preset demolition charges and blaming it on scapegoats and fire!

  10. Homeless??? After 8 years of Obama’s superb economic policies we still have the homeless? How can this be? It must be the Evil Trump going house to house kicking people out and starting the cycle once again. Farkin’ Bastid.

  11. Instead of “sanctuary” cities scattered all over the Country, how about one big one?
    There is plenty of Gov’t land in Nevada that could be put to use.

    (It would need a wall…)

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