Professor wants to vomit because passenger gave up 1st class seat for traveling soldier

This douchehose looks exactly like you imagine.

See inside.


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  1. I would tear into this miscreant barnacle and render him insensate.
    But Tucker did such a fine job last night I feel any effort of mine would be an attempt to Gild the Lily.

  2. Not just a punchable face, but one more face on the list of faces to be punched.

    The day is coming. Keep at it, asshole.

  3. If this pencil neck academic know nothing vomited near me over a veteran getting an upgrade, he’d be eating it.
    I love these pricks who never served anyone but themselves and have never made a sacrifice for others, yet teach our youth.
    No wonder some of those leaving college are Marxist, socialist, fascist shitheads.
    I wish I could tell you how I really feel about this loathsome turd.

  4. This professor is a coward and a chicken shit in my book. He is not worthy of the sacrifice that our military has made for him so he can be an asshole. As a veteran idiots like this make my blood boil.

  5. A 1st Class passenger traded seats with a uniformed soldier; “Professor, why the hell do you care? This transaction was between 2 other passengers and had nothing to do with you. You weren’t expected to clap. You could have just kept your mouth shut and ignored it. But no, you had to fu#cking tweet about it and show the whole world what an asshole you are.”

  6. Can’t he grow a real beard like a real man. What do they call that tiny tuft of hair under his lower lip and underneath that caterpillar on his upper lip. And those glasses have dork written all over them.

  7. I’m already in a terrible mood tonight due to other things. Do I need to address this shitpickle?
    I could carve a better man from a banana. And what business is it of his anyway? If a man paid for a first class ticket and decided to trade it to anyone that’s his choice

    How did this ever become a story? I wish this faggot was in my face tonight. It would be Therapeutic.

  8. Drexel Univ press release says the Prof supports student vets and ROTC students. I’m not inclined to buy the Univ press release after his “vomit” comment. I’d rather hear from Student Vets and ROTC cadets on how he treats them in the classroom.

  9. A scummy little weasel of a boy. When he was hit between the eyes with the poverty of his soul, he started talking out of both sides of his mouth. May work when he’s in front of a bunch of Iphone-distracted frosh, but not so well on the national tee vee in front of their parents.

  10. For Starters, if some guy wants to give his first class ticket to somebody that’s his business.
    Second if the guy gives a ticket for a seat up close to the cockpit, I’m glad it’s to a Military person, because if something happens I want a Military man or woman as a last line of defense.
    Besides, the Military person will be pissed that some asswipe Haji interrupted their nice ride and they will drop that terrorist bastard like a bad transmission.

  11. This so called professor is not worthy to EAT the soldiers vomit! P O S!!!

    That stupid tuft of hair under his lower lip is called “Porno Pubes” referring to the insignificant tuft of hair left on the porno woman’s almost all the way shaved beaver don’t ask me how I know, carry on.

  12. From what I gather the last name he uses is actually his wife’s last name. They took her name when married. This guys freaken not just a lib, he’s freaken mental. He’s got his 15 minutes and not worth discussung.

  13. Someone once said something like 90% of the problems in this country could be fixed in a week by selecting a certain 300 hundred people and shooting them in the street. I would make it 301.

  14. When he’s finished eating Oreo cookies, he should brush the crumbs off his face. What pencil-neck azzhole.

  15. Read this Crock-O-Crap sentence from his Drexel Bio:

    “My research and teaching center on what could be called the “decolonial turn” in political thought, the moment of epistemic and political interrogation that emerges in response to colonialism and global social inequality.” GMAFB

    Somebody should recommend him for the Nobel Bull-Sh!t Prize.

  16. First year tuition at Drexel including room and board is $64,000. Parents, look what your dollars are buying in terms of instruction.

  17. This Dipshit haz a Decolonial teaching and research center???
    Should be called the Decolonic turn used to brainwash the large colon.
    “Time for yer daily Bullshit Kidz. Bend over!”

  18. I thank God that I didn’t use my BA in Social Work (EWU class of 1980) or all the sociology I learned back then. I found out early on it was all a bunch of worthless horse shit and had to relearn everything over. Having been in the Navy before I went to college also helped. I also hated the community organizing aspects of it. I found out all my misguided altruism couldn’t save the world. So when my son was born in 1982 and my 2 daughters a few years later I became a full time Dad and worked to help my family. The only good thing I got out of it is I know how the enemy, the progtards think and it has innured me to their poison.

  19. After the good citizen gave up his seat he should have grabbed this piece of shit and ‘chunked’ his sorry ass right out the passenger door, no vomiting in public shithead coward!

  20. You da man, Geoff. Kudos for your intelligence and choices in life.

    The only thing disappointing about re-visiting a thread is finding you’ve already TU the people you want to give another TU to.

  21. Mortgages for the Masses,

    Original statement was 100. Likely will take a lot more than 300 now.

    Maybe a real life experiment is in order to settle what the actual effective number is.

    Worth a try.

  22. You know that PHD stands for post hole digger or priggish helpless/hapless dolt. I’ve met a few PHD’s who turned out pretty good mainly because they figured out it was bs and went to work at an honest trade or became farmers etc.

  23. Geezus, typical liberal, always unhappy and mad and sticking their nose where it does not belong. Always something wrong with these lunatics, who got picked last for the sports teams and come up inadequate in the we-know-what dept. Maybe the guy who gave up his seat was military/former military. That is a fraternity. My brother is USMC not on active duty; when we fly together and there is a Marine in uniform on the plane, my brother tells the FA to deliver the Marine as much alcohol as he wants, and to give him the tab. I suppose that would bother this azzhole, too. Would it make him mad if I shoveled snow from my neighbor’s sidewalk. Why is this a story? B/c the media is full of stupid morons.

  24. You say you want to vomit? Yes sir, we have a place for that just use this door. Watch that first step.

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