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50 Years Ago Today – Communists Crushed The Prague Spring

1968 was a tumultuous year and this week was particularly noteworthy. The Tet Offensive was starting its third and final stage, the democrats were gathering in Chicago for their convention and on this day, the soviets and their satellite nations invaded Czechoslovakia to bring an end to the Prague Spring.

The reform movement in this central European nation had started in January and had been promoted by the leader of the nation’s communist party, Alexander Dubcek, as “socialism with a human face.” Leonid Brezhnev gave them half-a-year to take a hint and come back into the fold. When the Prague government failed to show proper deference to old line Stalinist rule, 20 divisions from five Warsaw Pact member nations rolled across the border and imposed the new “Brezhnev Doctrine.” More

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  1. A poll taken today asking millenials what “Making the world safe for democracy” means, would show that not a single one of them would have any idea whatsoever.

    We are swiftly moving toward an outright war, again, against communism. What was that ridiculous idea that the Cold War had ended?

  2. I was in Prague in 2008. I have pictures of the many bullet holes in their buildings……compliments of the Russians.

    If you want to know what freedom means to someone, ask a Czech who grew up in the 1960s/70s/80s…..then saw FREEDOM in 1989/1990.

    Thank God for conservatives in America that can and will stand up and fight and die fighting. The liberal wussy weenie snowflakes will simply lay down and die crying for mommy.

  3. I was nine years old then. Funny but the only thing I remember about 1968 was the Tigers winning the world series and the introduction of side marker lights on new vehicles.

  4. A friend told me about this. She and her family went out to protest and then realized soon that they had to get out. Everyone got separated and she ended up being taken to a prison with hookers and drunks. She had to lie her way out of trouble and soon she escaped to another country. I forget if it was Greece or some place else. She ended up in the US after she applied for a visa. Yeah, even under gunfire and having everything taken from them, she and her siblings still came here the RIGHT way. By ASKING FIRST.

  5. I wonder if that was the event that convinced John Brennan he wanted to be a communist and work for the government?

  6. @Abigail – there’s a professor on Twitter telling the world how stupid we are for claiming NAZI had anything to do with socialism.

    Of course, that “Nazi” is an abbreviation for the word “Nationalsozialist” counts for nothing.

    It’s amazing to see how many claim to be experts in German history and agree with her.

    Oh, she teaches creative writing.

  7. Page O & RadioMatt — I’ve heard that same claim, I think, from D’Souza in his recent film/book “The Big Lie.” But the argument was made from a “true socialist” versus “fascist” comparison. I may be misremembering, but I think D’Souza was emphasizing and arguing against those who claimed Hitler wasn’t a fascist because the Nazi’s were socialists. I know that Hitler claimed the Nazi’s were Christian, too. But it was that other kind of Christianity, you understand. Could be that the professor is parsing, as is their wont.

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