7 confirmed dead, including 3 children, after transgender ex-student opens fire at Tennessee Christian elementary school – IOTW Report

7 confirmed dead, including 3 children, after transgender ex-student opens fire at Tennessee Christian elementary school

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Seven people were killed, including three children, after a transgender woman opened fire inside a private Christian elementary school in Nashville on Monday.

Police said they received a call at 10:13 a.m. about an active shooter, later identified as Audrey Hale, at the Covenant School with police rushing to the scene to clear the halls.

At the scene, police heard gunshots on the second floor and rushed to a lobby-type area where they came across the 28-year-old, who was strapped with two assault rifles and a handgun.

The shooter had killed three students and three staffers before she was fatally struck by responding officers by 10:27 a.m.

Police had initially thought the killer was a teenager, before later confirming her age. Authorities later said at a press conference the shooter — who used he/him pronouns in some online profiles and also went by the name Aiden — was a former student at the school. A motive for the shooting has yet to be established.

A vehicle found near The Covenant School is being investigated by the police and helped them to establish the shooter’s identity, according to Metro Nashville Chief of Police John Drake.

He also said the school had an active shooter protcol, and that his force were looking into how the shooter was able to access the school.

“All doors were locked, to our understanding and how exactly she got in, is still under investigation,” Drake said.

Officials noted that the only other person hurt at the scene was an officer who cut his hand on broken glass.

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  1. This is my neck of the woods. The POS democrat Mayor of Nashville tried to make it all about gun control in his presser, but anyone with a brain and an honest conscience knows that it’s about mental illness. Even more so with the trans aspect layered in.

  2. So we have had 2 trans people shoot schools in the last year or so? You throw in most of the other mass shootings and you will see a pattern of mental illness. It’s not gun control that will solve the problem.

  3. So when do we stop treating men who “Think” they are women and women who “Think” they are men as normal?

    Thinking I’m a handsome rich 30 year old ain’t gonna make it so. Well, I am a handsome 75 year old, or so Mrs Galt tells me.

  4. @ LBS – “…Uvalde cops would still be on their cigarette break…”

    I disagree. The Uvalde cops would be cleaning the pee and shit out of the shorts. Meanwhile the Nashville cops said “hold my beer” as they took out the shooter 14 minutes after receiving the initial call.

  5. Time to ban trannys from owning guns as they obviously have psychological disorders. Shove that up their ass (pardon the play on words) and listen to them howl.

  6. This “story” will disappear from the radar news cycle now that the shooter doesn’t match their, on the Left, narrative of a white “MAGA shooter”

  7. OK. The leftist terminology leaves me totally confused. Is a trans female formerly male? A trans male formerly female? I know their lexicon is intentionally misleading.

    But the shooter. Was it born with dick and balls or a vayjayjay?

  8. The Feminist Spear Chuckers and the Transgender Corps and the Dems will likely get into a 3-way scrap over this.

    Fems: It was a man!
    Transgenders: It was a woman!
    Dumpocraps: It was the AR-15!

    Conservatives: It’s mental illness and you’re all to blame.

  9. Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28 and transgendered. So there was some mental health issues. That makes me think that the guns were obtained either illegally or under fraudulent means.
    Just an observation…

  10. My first thought was of Uvalde cops too.
    So how many were killed by fentanyl today? Oh, only 300? Every single damn day in America? Another 300 tomorrow?

  11. What pharma products were ‘they’ on. Oh we can’t know. SSRI and testosterone mix? Also the hospital victims were taken to was the same hospital Matt Walsh exposed last Sept for their radical trans program for children. Lots of interesting ties but this story will probably disappear quickly now.

  12. It’s good to see LE finally getting some good press over a correct action taken in a timely manner.

    I could be wrong but I earnestly hope that the one good thing to come out of Uvalde was that the rest of the thousands of cops on the beat would adopt a more territorial husbandly approach to their job and if faced with an active shooter incident would say,”Not on my fucking watch” and take care of business.

  13. My first thought when I first of this school shooting this morning was that I hope and pray that this Christian school was not the school which my granddaughter attends in the Nashville area. She’s off on Spring break this week with her other grandparents up at their small farm in Padukah, Kentucky. Will the authorities in Nashville find out what triggered this tranny freak to do such an act of pure out and out evil?

  14. From AG on twitter:

    “If I understand this correctly: If a shooter has right-wing views, then the right’s rhetoric is responsible. if the shooter has left-wing views, then the right’s policies are responsible.

    Very convenient.”

  15. Surprised/not surprised the “woman” shooter is a psychopathic warped, murderous man with gender pronouns to confirm his mental illness.

    The leftist media held off as long as possible telling the truth that another tranny not only destroyed their life, but made sure the innocent were victims of another self-hating tran “person”.

    If the medical and psychiatric fields weren’t managed by fringe, woke weirdos with pronouns themselves, trans would be defined as a potential lethal threat to society in the same class as serial killers.

  16. What a waste of life. The truth is the Democrats live for these tragedies. They get to flap their jaws for the next two weeks about those evil assault rifles. I bet they all send their kids and grand kids to schools with armed guards. But that’s a terrible idea for us common folk. Fucking assholes.

  17. I just finished talking to my daughter in Nashville, she told me that she knows some of these kids that attend that Christian school as they are from families in her church. This one hit a little too close to home for her because of this. She said she may find some way to reach out to these families even though none of their kids were hurt. This stinks to high heaven, because no one thought that Christian schools could be targets for this kind of violence and evil. And joey as usual is more concerned about ice cream than he is about what happened this morning in Nashville. What a putz!

  18. Sicko “doctors” are putting stupid people up to “transitioning” kids this situation is ticking time bomb We can’t get PT back fast enough!!! wouldn’t be surprised the “doctors” are America haters from another elsewhere

  19. Jane Fonda’s suggestion on Friday’s “The View” that “murder” could be an option to resolve the rise of GOP-led abortion laws fired up more than a few people…

    … and along comes an individual who was inspired to act out her command on a conservative Presbyterian school.

  20. There needs to be a televised autopsy so as to give all the whack-a-doos a look at biology, up front and personal….making sure to note the difference in the plumbing. Also, since it seems there needs to be some sort of warning preceding most anything these days, may I propose the following: This video shows the cold, hard reality of the biology of homo sapiens. For those that cannot deal with these realities, fuck off and kill yourselves, as you are a hopeless cause and are wasting everyone else’s oxygen.

  21. a “transgender woman” is a biological man….you can always tell, because the press will refer to him as “she/her” in their coverage/

    this man was a student at this school until sixth grade…i’m guessing they wouldn’t let him use the girls room, or play on the girls teams…..it’s so much better now…../s

  22. “How long until the left excuses this shooting as justified because it didn’t have access to gender affirming care?”

    Well that didn’t take long.

    “ABC’s Terry Moran Appears to Blame Today’s Nashville School Mass Shooting by “Transgender” on Republican Lawmakers Who Oppose Transgender Surgery for Minors”

    https:// www. thegatewaypundit. com/2023/03/abcs-terry-moran-appears-to-blame-todays-nashville-school-mass-shooting-by-transgender-on-republican-lawmakers-who-oppose-transgender-surgery-for-minors/

  23. W w w . youtube.com/live/YSCwlwPH-q4?feature=share

    The dirty motherfucker came out and started wise cracking and joking about ice cream. I think I have it so that it jumps right to where he makes an ass of himself once again. If not go to 6:40

    On another note, the Nashville Police Chief was ask if the shooter had any history of mental illness. His response: Not that we know of.

  24. Tennessee doesn’t have CCW permits.
    Ton of people are armed.
    But being a school they must have rules against packing. That I would disregard.
    To bad, if it just would have save one life.
    Remember when need a cop in seconds they will always be minutes away, sometimes much longer.

  25. The ONE thing you can always count on in these situations is that democRATz will come running at full-tilt boogie just to stand on the not yet cold bodies of the children and shout “gun control” to the four winds!!

    Makes me raise an eyebrow at how contrived this could possibly be!

  26. ^^^^^ You bet your ass. Laura Ingram just showed closed circuit videos of the dumb bitch walking through the door way and down a hall way. An Ar slung over her back, and one she held by the pistol grip, muzzle pointed to the ground. Any armed security guard could have taken this whack job out and prevented six families from grieving. And why, political fucking games.


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