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Introducing Emerald Robinson

Emerald Robinson is an iOTW recommended read. I was introduced to Robinson by someone who is an important cog for this site.

Robinson writes on SubStack, which compels me to steer clear of posting her writing because her income relies on paid subscriptions.

She is worth a follow, and perhaps a subscription-

The Biden Regime Prepares To End America’s Republic – The WHO’s “pandemic treaty” will usher in one-world government ruled by China
The Biden regime will try to hand over American sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) in May by illegally signing a pandemic treaty allowing the WHO to set America’s “future pandemic response” policies. The treaty would allow the WHO to circumvent the U.S. Constitution — and unilaterally authorize future lockdowns, forced vaccine mandates, forced quarantines, and mandatory vaccine passports (digital ID) in the United States without approval from the U.S. Congress.In other words: the WHO’s pandemic treaty is a global power-grab to begin a one-world dictatorship. It heralds the end of human freedom in the West.This is not fantasy or nightmare — it’s very real. In fact, Senator Risch (Idaho-R) has publicly warned the American public about the Biden regime’s plan.

Apparently, this unconstitutional power-grab is hiding out in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in a loophole called: the International Pandemic Preparedness Act.
The Biden regime does not want to seek the U.S. Senate’s approval for this illegal treaty — so its propagandists have started playing word games by claiming that the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is not really a treaty so, you know, the Senate doesn’t need to approve it.

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  1. @LocoBlancoSaltine — What you get from substack writers (email newsletters) and what you can read on their pages depends on how they individually set it up. Some are totally free: when you set up a free subscription you get everything then send out and can read every article they’ve written. Some are the other end of the spectrum: you have to have a paid subscription to get anything.

    You really need to check out each individual writer and see what their deal is. I’m a paid subscriber to Emerald Robinson’s substack and she’s worth every penny.

    I don’t remember what her rate is but typically it is somewhere in the $5-$15 per month range, but that does vary. Most let you get on board with a free subscription so you see at least some of their stuff.

  2. @Loco

    The answer is yes, but instead of eye candy it is brain candy. Matt Tiabi, Bari Weiss, Glen Greenwald, and one guy that I’ve been following for years (by following I mean reading his stuff) is John Hawkins, all on substack;

    ht tps://

    It is all subscription based, like what James O’Keefe is doing.

    I would suspect that each subscription is a different price depending on how each author values his work.

    Every morning I start my day going to ht tps://, which is a news aggregate complied by John, he throws in some humor and some babes in bikinis just to round out a healthy diet. Every other day he adds his latest article so I get to read his stuff for free.

  3. Emerald has been on my radar for some time. She was the WH correspondent for Newsmax before they “cut her loose” during Covid bc she didn’t tow the party line and she is an independent thinker. I like her way of thinking.

  4. She’s smokin’ hot, very very smart and tough as nails. But she’s also very sweet.

    As far as smokin’ hot, let her pics speak for themselves:

  5. She very smart, very tough, but very feminine and sweet. She’s also smokin’ hot:

    htt ps://

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