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99 Poop Balloons


North Korean balloons dropped feces and other garbage on busy streets, in front of residences, and in other public areas across South Korea on Wednesday, in Pyongyang’s latest escalation of tensions with its southern neighbor.

South Korea’s military said it detected about 260 balloons containing animal waste and garbage, accusing North Korea of an “inhumane and low-level” act. More

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  1. That’s what I think china was doing to us – releasing biological agents from those balloons. Who knows how long they have been doing it.
    And I think some of those biological agents are intended to destroy our plant life to starve us.

  2. Escapees from the regime relate that all NoKo’s are required to collect their feces every day, as it is composted and used as fertilizer for the crops. Perhaps they are actually trying to send a gift to the south–


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