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Turning Rafah Inside Out


Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tanks reached the center of the town of Rafah on Tuesday. according to multiple media outlets, indicating that Israel intended to fight outwards toward the periphery rather than closing in from the outside. More

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  1. I hear a lot on NPR about the hospitals being disrupted. Nothing about the primary schools where the kids are taught to hate joos. Maybe those have their own charities. Neen a while since the world has seen actual war. Like when us and the British firebonbed hundreds of thousands of civilians. But we’re not supposed to remember or mention that, are we?

  2. Lowell
    “Like when us and the British firebombed hundreds of thousands of civilians”

    I mentioned on Memorial Day that my father had flow 3 consecutive tours as a side gunner in a B24. He had “Battle Fatigue” like no other. And what you wrote was why. He handled it. Went on to start a successful business, raise two sons, and live a very fulfilling life.

  3. How depraved do you need to be to firebomb Germany, Tokyo, drop nuclear bombs on Japan or Sherman’s March through the South?

    It’s called War. It is the essence of depravity, destruction and death.
    Most US Citizens have never been the military’s point of the spear or in a supporting role.

    You defeat the enemy’s support mechanism (populous), manufacturing facilities and the Armies of the enemy.

    Submission and defeat of the enemy and the means to succeed has no rules. Man’s inhumanity towards man has occurred for centuries.

    I pray that our country never again experiences the destruction and death as we have dealt to other countries and we experienced in the War between the States.


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